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Rep. Smaltz too Afraid of PP to Save Babies, Staffer Says

Dear Friend,

Earlier in January, I released a list of excuses to keep abortion legal which the Republican establishment may throw at you when you ask them to end legalized child killing in our state.

Along with that list, I let you know that sometimes a legislator might slip up and tell the truth.

Well, a staffer for Rep. Ben Smaltz has done just that.

He revealed that Smaltz plans to kill the strongest pro-life bill ever filed in the state of Indiana because Planned Parenthood would be too mad at him if he didn’t.

My friends, Rep. Smaltz campaigned as “pro-life,” bragging about his “pro-life” accomplishments, even staging a protest at Planned Parenthood in an attempt to earn support.

But now, he is too afraid of the abortion giant to protect the pre-born children Planned Parenthood doctors seek to kill.

As it so often happens, Smaltz talked the pro-life talk during election time, but refuses to walk the pro-life walk when babies’ lives depend on it.

In fact, Smaltz is an expert at killing pro-life bills. He made sure Protection at Conception died in committee in 2017 and 2018. And he’s planning to do it again in 2019.

In case you missed it, let me explain what has happened so far this year. At the beginning of the 2019 legislative session, Rep. Curt Nisly filed the Protection at Conception bill, HB 1430, which would protect all unborn children at the moment of conception.

The fate of the bill was in the hands of House Speaker Brian Bosma, who doesn’t find ending abortion “really important.” After much pressure from Hoosiers for Life and pro-lifers like you, Bosma assigned the bill to Rep. Ben Smaltz’s Public Policy committee.

Now, whether or not the bill lives depends on Smaltz—as chairman of the committee, he decides if HB 1430 will get a hearing and a vote. If not, the bill will die.

For the last two years, Smaltz has used his position as committee chair to kill Rep. Nisly’s lifesaving legislation, earning a “thank you” from Planned Parenthood and their pro-abort supporters.

So, it is no surprise when a staffer says Smaltz will kill the bill again because Planned Parenthood will be mad if he doesn’t.

Planned Parenthood doctors performed 71% of Indiana abortions last year-- if a law passes that would stop the child killing business from ripping babies out of their mothers’ wombs, then yes, they will probably be mad.

But, you see, Hoosiers for Life is not afraid of that fight. And Rep. Curt Nisly, who has courageously authored a bill to end abortion three years in a row, despite what mandates the Roe Tolerance Lobby and political elite throw at him, is not afraid of it either.

The pro-aborts will fight tooth and nail to keep baby killing on the books.

That’s why we have to fight even harder to end the abortion holocaust once and for all.

Smaltz has declared he will not hear the bill, but you have made a difference before, and I believe you can again!

I need you to call Rep. Ben Smaltz at 317.232.9657 and demand a hearing and a vote on HB 1430, the Protection at Conception bill. Tell him not to cower to Planned Parenthood’s demands.

Even if you’ve called before, call Smaltz again today: 317.232.9657.

If he follows through with his plan to bury HB 1430, nearly 8,000 Hoosier babies will die at the hand of abortionists this year. We can’t let that happen without trying to save them.

A “pro-life” Republican should be representing the people who put him in office, not Planned Parenthood.

So, call Rep. Ben Smaltz right now at 317.232.9657 and tell him to stop doing Planned Parenthood’s dirty work and killing pro-life bills.

After you call, please forward this message to three of your friends who will call too. The more people who know what our “pro-life” Republican legislators are plotting at the Statehouse, the louder our voices can be.

Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless and loving your pre-born neighbor as yourself.

I’m honored to stand alongside you as we seek to protect all Hoosier babies at the moment of conception.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Rep. Ben Smaltz is planning to kill HB 1430, the Protection at Conception bill for the third year in a row. According to his staffer, Smaltz won’t hear the bill because if he does, Planned Parenthood will be mad at him.

Please call Ben Smaltz right away at 317.232.9657 and urge him to stop doing Planned Parenthood’s bidding. Tell him you want a fair hearing and a vote on HB 1430, the Protection at Conception bill.

After that, forward this message to three of your friends who will call too.

I hope you’ll consider chipping in $10 or $5 to help us fight for every unborn child’s God given right to live.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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