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Innocent Life"


Exceptions for abortion:

Pro-death supporters love pro-lifers with exceptions.  This is what I was told some time ago...


What pro-lifers with exceptions to rape, incest, and the life of the mother is essentially saying is that they are pro-death in some instances.  This strengthens the argument of the abortion supporters, while they say that many pro-lifers will compromise life and therefore allow some children to die.

When a child is born could you line that child up alongside other children and then authorize or support the killing of those that didn't meet a certain criteria?  Of course not!

This is essentially what the exceptions do.

The only difference between that analogy and modern day abortion, is that you've never been able to look the child in the eye before you supported his/her death.  


It is odd to think that we ever would punish children for the crimes of their parent.  It is absurd to think that we should allow an innocent victim to be slaughtered.

Ways Indiana regulates abortion:

Currently our regulatory laws state that we can kill children if...they are less than a certain size, unable to perform certain tasks, conceived by a certain circumstance, and un-desired by a certain individual.  These regulations imply that by law some lives are more valuable than others.  They comply with the Roe court opinion of killing innocent life.

Murdering any child should not be open for debate.  Abortion is often viewed as an "issue," but issues are typically something that can be discussed, argued or debated upon. 


Issues are simply something that is available for negotiation.  An issue is open for compromise.


Children being ripped apart limb by limb, burned to death by chemical toxic solution, or crushed and vacuumed out of the womb is ALWAYS non-negotiable.


Abortion is NOT an,"issue."

Advocating for life should be the prime responsibility and priority of every human live as if every life really matters and ALL human life is valuable.


Little girls and boys' lives are not open for compromise around a table of debate.  It is time for Hoosiers to take the lead and stop abortion in our state! 

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