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Indiana House Advances Pro-abortion Bill

Dear Friend,

The Indiana House of Representatives has taken its first step in keeping abortion legal in Indiana.

SB1 passed out of committee Tuesday, with a vote of 8-5.

Do not let the news media or RINO politicians fool you—this bill is NOT an abortion ban.

SB1 allows for rape and incest exceptions, meaning an unborn baby can be put to death for her father’s crime.

Loopholes abound in this bill, still permitting legalized child killing in our state.

And that’s not all.

SB1 in its current form:

  • Contains a fetal anomaly exception, which will allow for abortions up to birth.

  • Changes abortion clinics to reside in “ambulatory surgical centers” or hospitals. They are changing the name, location, or ownership but still operating at full speed. This will preserve patient/dr confidentiality so abortion numbers could appear to decrease but actually be rising. Taxpayers may have to fund abortion in Indiana due to hospital setting.

  • Defines “feticide,” declaring it to NOT be the result of a pregnant mother or doctor aborting a baby.

  • Creates a task force to investigate infractions, but it is not specific and opens up the possibility of the task force investigating breaking ANY law in Indiana.

  • Defines pregnancy at implantation, creating a massive loophole.

  • Requires little to no penalty for performing abortions. A doctor might have his license pulled. MIGHT.

  • Creates grants for fertility awareness education (pg 33).

  • Allows for insurance to pay for abortions.

  • Does NOT ban abortion. Instead, it allows for abortion on request instead of abortion on demand.

Why are Republicans arguing over which babies live and which babies die?

Unborn children are human beings at conception and they deserve the same protection as any other living individual.

Abortion is murder, and our “pro-life” Republican legislators need to treat it as such.

Instead, they are debating over when it’s ok to murder an unborn child.

We need to hold our legislators accountable to their pro-life promises and demand they ban abortion once and for all—NO EXCEPTIONS.

They can still fix SB1 by amending it on the House floor.

Please call your Representative TODAY and insist they ban abortion instead of regulating it.

NOW is the time to end abortion, and our Representatives will show their true colors with their actions on this bill.

You can find your legislator HERE.

Time is running out for pre-born Hoosiers so please call today and make your voice heard to your elected official.

The Indiana General Assembly could ban abortion this week, if they wanted to.

I’ll keep you updated with what happens on the House floor.

Meanwhile, make that call!

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. The Baby Killer Bill, SB1, passed out of committee in the Indiana House and now moves to the House floor.

The bill in its current form is far from an abortion ban, but our Representatives can amend it to protect ALL unborn babies—if they want to.

Call your Representative today and insist they ban abortion instead of regulating it!

After that, I hope you’ll consider chipping in a few dollars to help us fight for the lives of ALL pre-born children.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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