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Our Founder

Hoosiers 4 Life Founder Amy Schlichter

Amy Schlichter

" I always thought of myself as 'pro-life' but a few years ago I started examining my position and realized that my actions didn't reflect my stance.  Shortly after, I came to understand that believing life is valuable while doing nothing about it, had no benefit to anyone.

I had chosen to be spectator and found myself to be a "hand-sitter" instead of a "hand-raiser."


It wasn't until the day that God wreaked my heart on the responsibility I had to protect of life, that I slipped my hand out from underneath my complacent body, and shyly raised it in the air, as if to say, "Here I am God, send me."

Saying you are  pro-life is never going to be enough.

I am constantly looking for others who are willing to stand in the gap to protect innocent life, and protect parents from making a decision they can never take back.

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