H4L advocates to protects all innocent human life from conception to natural death.  We are a non-regulatory body who believes that every human individual is valuable and should be granted the

right to live.


Connecting with like-minded individuals and groups creates a diverse collective that is mighty for the cause of life.


It is imperative that we are always learning, always able to teach what we have learned, and continually be teachable.


It is up to the people to create solid policy, and to hold lawmakers accountable to their promises.


People are the single greatest asset to not only the state of Indiana, but our entire world.

Our Founder

Amy Schlichter

" I always thought of myself as 'pro-life' but a few years ago I started examining my position and realized that my actions didn't reflect my stance.  Shortly after, I came to understand that believing life is valuable while doing nothing about it, had no benefit to anyone.

I had chosen to be spectator and found myself to be a "hand-sitter" instead of a "hand-raiser."


It wasn't until the day that God wreaked my heart on the responsibility I had to protect of life, that I slipped my hand out from underneath my complacent body, and shyly raised it in the air, as if to say, "Here I am God, send me."

Saying you are  pro-life is never going to be enough.

I am constantly looking for others who are willing to stand in the gap to protect innocent life, and protect parents from making a decision they can never take back.