• Amy Schlichter

The Bragging Politician

Dear Friend,

Politicians love to brag.

One of their favorite lines to pro-lifers is, “Since I’ve been in office, the abortion rate in Indiana has been on the decline.” This is to make you think the legislators you helped vote into office are actually doing their jobs. After all, we are the values voters and we vote according to principle.

Every human is valuable, and I am thankful for every saved life. However, if babies are still being legally murdered inside their mothers’ wombs, a dropping rate is simply not good enough.

Your pro-life Republican legislators love to tell you “the abortion rate is declining” but don’t like to talk about the children who are still dying in Indiana. They want you to think they are working hard to save the lives of unborn babies, but in all reality they are complacent with them dying. This complacency buried 8,000 more babies since this time last year!

Twenty little boys and girls are murdered every day in our Hoosier state.

Today. They are gone. Twenty children who will never toddle or giggle. Twenty children who will never feel their mothers’ loving arms around them or hear her say, “I love you, Baby.”

The Indiana constitution states we have a God given right to live. Indiana’s code acknowledges human life begins when human ovum meets human sperm. At the moment of conception a new unique