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The Bragging Politician

Dear Friend,

Politicians love to brag.

One of their favorite lines to pro-lifers is, “Since I’ve been in office, the abortion rate in Indiana has been on the decline.” This is to make you think the legislators you helped vote into office are actually doing their jobs. After all, we are the values voters and we vote according to principle.

Every human is valuable, and I am thankful for every saved life. However, if babies are still being legally murdered inside their mothers’ wombs, a dropping rate is simply not good enough.

Your pro-life Republican legislators love to tell you “the abortion rate is declining” but don’t like to talk about the children who are still dying in Indiana. They want you to think they are working hard to save the lives of unborn babies, but in all reality they are complacent with them dying. This complacency buried 8,000 more babies since this time last year!

Twenty little boys and girls are murdered every day in our Hoosier state.

Today. They are gone. Twenty children who will never toddle or giggle. Twenty children who will never feel their mothers’ loving arms around them or hear her say, “I love you, Baby.”

The Indiana constitution states we have a God given right to live. Indiana’s code acknowledges human life begins when human ovum meets human sperm. At the moment of conception a new unique human is created.

Why then are we not protecting that life? I’ll tell you why!

Because we have not made our legislators protect it.

I hear legislators--such as Speaker Bosma and Ben Smaltz--boast about their pro-life accomplishments and I remember 20 babies died today. Twenty children were ripped from the warmth and comfort of their mothers’ wombs, pieced together in a cold, steel bowl, and dumped into the medical waste garbage. Twenty lives we can never reclaim. All on the pro-life, conservative Republican watch.

And all because they failed to pass the one law that could’ve stopped it all.

I am furious they are killing babies here in Indiana. I have five children of my own and it breaks my heart to know in today’s world, the womb is a scary and dangerous place. I cannot sit by and do nothing!

Holding these legislators’ feet to the fire is our best chance to save these dying children! Accepting nothing less than a hearing and vote on Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception Bill is a must!

Rep. Nisly has done what no one in the Indiana legislature has done before. He authored a bill that would stop abortion and make Indiana prove it believes what is in the state constitution and code.

Until we say, NO MORE...lawmakers will keep feeding you lines to keep your votes, when in reality, the baby killing industry is alive and well.

If you haven’t done so already, please sign your petition demanding Brian Bosma and Ben Smaltz give Protection at Conception a hearing and a vote. After that, please forward the petition to friends you know who will sign. We need to reach more people with the good news about this bill!

Lastly, I hope you’ll consider making a financial contribution to Hoosiers for Life. We want to reach more people just like you! In order to do this, we need serious resources.

We have a direct mail program that is growing but costs nearly $1 for every person we reach. Our goal for the next three months is to reach 50,000 people who agree with us and want to end abortion.

Can you imagine if 50,000 people were calling their legislators and demanding abortion to end in our state? Can you imagine if those same people reached into their pockets and gave as little as $5… how incredible it would be if they gave even more!! Every dollar would go towards reaching another person with a voice for the preborn!!

Legislators will stop being complacent when we insist they represent us well! What a game-changer that would be if we all stood together and said, NO MORE!

If you are able, I ask you to make a serious contribution of $100 or $250, or even more to allow us to continue this conversation with thousands of other people who want to end abortion once and for all.

I know that’s a lot to ask, and I also know not everyone is able to give that much. If that’s too much for you, chipping in $50 or even $25 would go a long way in helping us build an army of warriors for the pre-born.

We rely solely on people like you to help us keep our operation up and running, and we are so thankful for the support you’ve already given.

There is much work to be done, but I know we can do it.

My friend, if there were only ONE child sacrificed at the altar of Planned Parenthood per year, I would still fight with all I have to save his life. I am honored to stand along side you to be a voice for the voiceless.

Let’s not stop fighting until abortion is ended in Indiana and every baby has protection at conception.


Amy Schlichter

P.S. Lawmakers like Bosma and Smaltz love to tell you about abortion rates declining, while ignoring the 8,000 babies that die every year from abortion. ANY baby dying from legalized child killing is worth fighting for, and we will hold these legislators’ feet to the fire until all babies have protection at conception.

Also, please sign and forward your petition, demanding Brian Bosma and Ben Smaltz hold a fair hearing and a vote on Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill.

Finally, I hope you’ll consider a serious contribution of $250 or $100 to Hoosiers for Life. Even chipping in $50 or $25 will help us reach an army of people for the pre-born.

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