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Do This...And Then You Can Kill Your Baby

Most people in the pro-life community find the above statement to be absolutely abhorrent. Yet it is the result of most pro-life legislation. Politicians tell us this is the best they can do, because, while ending abortion is the ultimate goal, now is just not the right time.

We have to ask ourselves some important questions. Are we okay with backing legislation that allows for thousands of babies to be murdered every year? Should legislation which sanctions the slaughter of Hoosier babies even be considered “Pro-Life”? Is now really the wrong time to end the killing?

I say no. What we need in Indiana is true pro-life legislation. We have enough “and then you can kill your baby” laws. We need legislation that protects Hoosier babies from the moment of conception without exception, and we need it right now.

During the 2017 legislative session, Representative Curt Nisly proposed Protection at Conception, which would have ended abortion in our state. Unfortunately, Rep Ben Smaltz railroaded the strongest piece of pro-life legislation ever proposed in the state of Indiana.

We cannot keep letting legislation that protects the murder of innocent babies pass as “pro-life.” Our state legislators need to know this issue matters to us, and we want it to be addressed THIS legislative session.

Hoosiers for Life is working on a strategy to send a forceful message to our representatives: we are no longer satisfied with legislation that allows for the intentional destruction of innocent human beings. Pro-life means pro-EVERY-life, and we will not let this matter rest until all Hoosier babies are safe.

If you are interested in joining the fight to save Hoosier babies, please head over to our website and click the “be a volunteer” button. We will contact you and show you how you can help!

We need to make our voices heard starting now.

After all, it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.

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