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  • Amy Schlichter -Executive Director

Indiana House to Follow Senate, Betray the Unborn

On Saturday, the Indiana Senate voted in favor of The Baby Killer Bill, SB1.

In so doing, they have voted in favor of punishing pre-born children for their fathers’ crimes, while refusing to uphold just punishment for abortion providers.

Attempting to trick the public, Senate leadership calls the bill “pro-life.”

But if the bill passes as-is, there will still be legal abortions in Indiana. The baby killers just have to follow the rules. And if they don’t, the punishment won’t be that bad anyway.

SB1 is pro-abortion, and every senator who voted in favor of it has betrayed pre-born babies.

Some senators are even going so far as to tell constituents that this compromising bill is the best we could do—it was this or nothing.

That’s just a flat-out lie.

And I have even more bad news.

Now that the Senate has passed SB1, it moves to the House of Representatives, and our sources say the House plans to fall in line with the Senate.

House Speaker Todd Huston has declared himself to be in favor of rape and incest exceptions (exceptions = dead babies), and we have heard his instructions to fellow Republicans are to keep those in the bill.

Furthermore, Huston placed the bill into a committee full of legislators he believes will do his bidding.

The good news is Huston and his cronies were hoping you would never hear a word about their plans.

But since you do know, now we have a chance to speak up and expose this plot against our pre-born neighbors.

It’s not too late for our “pro-life” Republican legislators to change their minds and protect all unborn babies at the moment of conception.

Here’s how you can help:


Call four House reps:

Rep. Wendy McNamara: 317-232-9816

Rep. Peggy Mayfield: 317-234-9450

Rep. Joanna King: 317-232-9657

Your State Rep.

Tell them you will not stand for The Baby Killer Bill, SB1. Insist they reverse course and pass an abortion ban with no exceptions.


Call Tuesday’s list again!


Pray our lawmakers do justice for our preborn neighbors and end abortion in our state once and for all as they vote on amendments presented.

We do NOT have to settle for a watered-down, compromised, pro-abortion bill.

For years, Indiana Republicans have insisted they would ban abortion if they could, but Roe v. Wade prevented it.

What’s stopping them from saving all the babies now?

Indiana has a Republican supermajority in our legislature, and they all claim to be pro-life. Now is their time to prove it.

Please make those phone calls and ask some pro-life friends to call too.

This special session has been a wild one, but now is the time to double down and make our voices heard like never before.

Our pre-born neighbors are counting on us.

Thank you for all of your hard work so far.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. The Baby Killer Bill, SB1 moves to the House this week, and sources say the House plans to follow in the Senate’s footsteps and keep abortion legal in Indiana.

Check out the list above to see how you can help!

Now more than ever, we must speak up for the unborn—their lives hang in the balance.

I hope you’ll consider a donation of $10 or $5, or any amount to help Hoosiers for Life fight for the pre-born.

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