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Why is State Representative Ben Smaltz doing the bidding of Planned Parenthood?

Ben Smaltz REFUSES to hear bills which would end abortion in Indiana.


• Smaltz has repeatedly used his position as Chair of the House Public Policy Committee to block consideration of legislation which would save 8,000 unborn Hoosiers each year from the savagery of abortion.

Ben Smaltz EARNED a public thank you from abortion giant Planned Parenthood for his actions against the unborn.

• After Ben Smaltz killed a bill to end abortion in the committee he chairs, Planned Parenthood took to Facebook to urge cheers for Smaltz.

Ben Smaltz REFUSES to go on record with his views on abortion!

• Smaltz refuses to answer his life survey so Hoosiers will know exactly where he stands on abortion.

Please contact Rep. Ben Smaltz at 260-573-0344 and insist he reverse his course and stand strong for the unborn.

Then, please sign your pledge below to expose more abortion-friendly politicians like Ben Smaltz!

Sign to pledge to protect life

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