• Amy Schlichter

Which Candidates Refuse to Protect the Unborn?

Dear Friend,

The June 2nd Indiana Primary Election is just around the corner, and Indiana residents sure are interested in candidates’ positions on LIFE.

Thanks to our generous supporters, I was able to survey candidates running for office to get them on the record regarding their views on abortion.

I am getting loads of requests from Hoosiers wanting to know if their candidate pledged to support Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection of Life bill, a bill that would end abortion in Indiana.

The grassroots pro-life movement in Indiana is GROWING and I’m so excited to be part of it.

For decades, Republican politicians have been able to simply say they are pro-life while on the campaign trail, maybe hold a press conference with other people who say they’re pro-life, and snap pictures with other well known Republicans, all the while lying through their teeth about their views on protecting their pre-born neighbors.

And once they’re in office, these compromised politicians do Planned Parenthood’s bidding and kill pro-life bills.

I am determined to not let that happen anymore in Indiana.

Any pro-life conservative who truly wants to end the slaughter of the tiniest boys and girls would fight tooth and nail to close down Planned Parenthood once and for all and stop every abortionist in our state from ripping the arms and legs off of babies.

You see, there is a great divide between Establishment politicians and grassroots conservatives like you and me.

Grassroots conservatives know the right to kill your own child is not in the constitution. Representatives like Ben Smaltz think it is.*

We know unborn babies have a God-given right to live. Elected officials like Smaltz say they’d fight to make sure their own wives could have abortions.

And Ben Smaltz killed the bill that would’ve ended abortion in Indiana not once, not twice, but four times, even earning a public thank you from Planned Parenthood, yet you better believe he’ll be running for re-election on a pro-life platform. (It’s no surprise he is STILL refusing to turn in his Candidate Survey and go on record with his pro-life stance.)

But the grassroots know any legislator publicly praised by Planned Parenthood is NOT on our side.

That's why people across the state want to know just where candidates stand on abortion.

Yes, conservatives have a strong voice for LIFE in Indiana!

We are holding legislators’ feet to the fire and insisting they put an end to legalized child-killing in our state.

It’s not too late to find out how candidates in your area answered our Candidate Survey.

You can go here to find out.

Election time is the best time to lobby politicians.

It’s when they listen very closely to what you have to say.

So, be sure to sign your Protection of Life Petition and let Indiana leadership know you support Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection of Life bill.

Thank you so much for speaking up for all Hoosier babies.

Because of people like you, we can continue to battle for the pre-born. You can pitch in $15 or $20 today to help Hoosiers for Life reach even more pro-lifers with news about the Protection of Life bill.

Our goal is to reach 5,000 new supporters by September 1st. Even if you chip in just $5, at about $1 per contact, you can help us reach 5 more individuals who want to end abortion in Indiana.

I’m keeping track of what politicians promise to do and comparing their campaign rhetoric with their behavior in office. It’s time they start doing their jobs and protecting all human life at the moment of conception.

And, I’m still watching for Ben Smaltz’s Candidate Survey. Although he currently REFUSES to go on record with his pro-life views, maybe he’ll change his mind. I’ll be sure to keep you informed.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. With the Indiana Primary Election a few weeks away, folks across Indiana are interested in how candidates in their area answered the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey.

For too long, politicians have been able to campaign as pro-life but legislate like pro-aborts, keeping abortion safe and legal. I’m determined to not let that happen anymore in Indiana, so I’m keeping track of their promises and comparing what candidates say with what they actually DO once they’re in the Statehouse.

Did YOUR candidates pledge to support a bill to end abortion in Indiana, the Protection of Life bill? Find out their stance on life HERE.

Since Rep. Ben Smaltz killed bills to end abortion four years in a row and Planned Parenthood thanked him for it, it’s no surprise he still REFUSES to go on record against the slaughter of innocent pre-born babies. But if he changes his mind, I’ll let you know.

I hope you’ll consider pitching in $5 or $10 to help us battle for unborn babies.

For up to date information on how to vote in the 2020 Primary Election, visit www.indianavoters.com

*Smaltz admitted this in an interview with WOWO Radio.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.