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Victory! You Did It!

Dear Friend,

I am so excited to announce the Hoosiers for Life bill to save premature babies has been SIGNED INTO LAW!!!

It’s potentially the strongest piece of LIFE legislation ever to be passed in Indiana.

And it’s all because of your hard work.

Earlier this year, Rep. Curt Nisly and Rep. John Jacob proposed an amendment, the Baby River Amendment, to protect micro preemie babies, but the House Republicans REFUSED to pass it.

Nisly and Jacob forced a roll call vote on the amendment, and only one other legislator voted in favor of moving forward. That means 97 legislators voted against providing life saving care to babies born early, even though babies who survive abortions MUST be given life saving care!

Our supporters were angry and let their Representatives know it!

Phone calls and emails poured into the Statehouse, and let me tell you, Indiana Republicans were shaking in their boots after your response to their bad vote on LIFE.

You spoke up loud and clear and sent a strong message to Republicans that you expected them to protect babies instead of killing pro-life amendments.

Fearing what would happen if they didn’t, the General Assembly changed their tune and revived Baby River’s amendment, quickly inserting it into another bill and voting in favor of it this time. They sent it to Governor Holcomb to either sign or veto.

When Holcomb delayed signing, you flooded the governor’s phone lines and inbox, demanding he sign the bill.

And your hard work paid off.

It was your immediate action that caused our elected officials to do an about face and pass this life saving policy into law!

Here’s what the Baby River section of HB 1421 will do:

  • Defines “Born Alive” at any stage of gestation.

  • The hospital must give full disclosure if they have the ability to treat the baby and, if not, provide them with information and travel assistance to a place that can treat.

  • The baby is evaluated and given stabilizing treatment until they get to the appropriate hospital.

  • A hospital that refuses care or the ability to transport may be disciplined.

Not only that, but in passing legislation which requires doctors to provide life saving care to babies under 24 weeks, the Indiana General Assembly has just passed legislation which defies Roe v. Wade!

Pro-aborts have long used Roe v. Wade to establish “viability” at 24 weeks gestation.

Now, babies who are born before Roe considers them viable must be offered life saving care.

The Roe Tolerance Lobby only works within the confines of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, but Hoosiers for Life maintains that Roe v. Wade should be defied and we should work to protect ALL babies, regardless of what a tyrannical Supreme Court decided nearly 50 years ago.

Pro-life Hoosiers have spoken up loud and clear, and I am thrilled that such a strong pro-life measure has been passed.

It is true that our legislators did not want to pass this amendment, but you forced their hands and they did it anyway!

When we work together to make our voices heard, we can make a difference, and Baby River legislation is proof of that.

I want to say a special thank you to the family of Baby River and others like theirs that have endured such sadness. We pray that all babies born early will be given a chance to survive and to be loved by their families!

Thank you again for standing up for the innocent and for being a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Well done, my friends.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Thanks to your hard work, a bill has been signed into law which will protect babies born before the age of viability.

After going on the record against saving micro preemies and enraging Hoosiers for Life supporters, Indiana Republicans did an about face and passed this life saving legislation.

It was all thanks to your phone calls and emails to your elected officials.

Hoosiers for Life is a tax-exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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Candis E Allwein
Candis E Allwein
Aug 19, 2021

Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch has recently acquired emails exchanged with PP and middlemen to place orders for intact children aborted at 24 weeks. There are over 100 researchers begging for bodies sincc HHS lifted rhe restrictions.

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