• Amy Schlichter

UPDATE: Smaltz stoops to new low

Dear Friend,

I have an urgent update on HB 1089, the Protection of Life bill.

In case you missed my last message, catch up here.

Here’s the recent update.

Representative Ben Smaltz has stooped to a new low.

Not only is he lying about Rep. Curt Nisly, but he’s now shamefully asking his own legislative assistant to lie for him!

The truth is Rep. Nisly requested a meeting, and Ben Smaltz adamantly refused when he found out I was coming too!

But, folks, I can’t stress enough, this meeting mumbo jumbo is a smokescreen.

No meeting is needed for Smaltz to schedule a hearing for HB 1089.

But, Smaltz is so committed to killing the abortion ban and staying off the hook for it, he’s willing to ask a government employee to lie to voters on his behalf.

Shame on Ben Smaltz.

It’s time for Smaltz to quit telling lies and shifting blame. He needs to man up and call a hearing on HB 1089.

Please call Ben Smaltz yet again at 317-232-9620 and tell him to stop lying and making excuses for killing pro-life bills. Insist he schedule a hearing for HB 1089.

If his legislative assistant tries to spin you with lies, tell him you know better. Tell him you know Smaltz can schedule a hearing without a meeting. Insist Smaltz stop shifting blame and get it done.

Remember, no meeting needs to happen before Smaltz can put a hearing on the calendar.

If you didn’t catch my last update, you can read it here.

Then call Rep. Ben Smaltz right away: 317-232-9620 .

Time is running out for Hoosier babies this year.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

PS. Ben Smaltz has stooped so low as to ask his own legislative assistant to lie for him. The truth is, no meeting is needed in order for Smaltz to hear HB 1089.

Call Smaltz right now at 317-232-9620 and insist he quit shifting blame. Tell him you know he can call a hearing on HB 1089 if he wants to and demand he get the job done.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, read my last message.

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