• Amy Schlichter

Update on Redistricting Scheme

Dear Friend,

Recently, I reported that the Republican Establishment is plotting to use redistricting to oust the most conservative, most pro-life legislators in Indiana—Rep. Curt Nisly and Rep. John Jacob.

I urged you to call the chair of the redistricting committee, Rep. Tim Wesco, as well as House Speaker Todd Huston to ask if they are conspiring against pro-life Representatives to redistrict them out of the Statehouse.

And call you did!

With their scheme exposed, members of the Political Class are frantically trying to cover their tracks by assuring voters there is no such plot.

It’s not a surprising response.

After all, it would be very much unlike a politician to admit to a slimy scheme and apologize for being a snake in the grass.

It’s very much like a politician to assume you’ll trust they’re telling the truth.