• Amy Schlichter

The Annual Murdered Baby Report

Dear Friend,

Did you know there’s a clan of serial killers in Indiana?

These serial killers have been on the loose for decades.

Their M.O. is to rip people apart or poison them, then they publish their victims’ body count every year!

Not only that, but these evil torturers also record what method they use to murder people, where the killings take place, and their victims’ ages.

How can anyone elude authorities for nearly 50 years, killing people and yet “releasing data” with murder details?

They can get away with it because the type of murder I’m talking about is sanctioned by the state of Indiana.

I’m talking about the murder of our pre-born neighbors.

It’s that time of year when the Indiana State Department of Health releases its Annual Murdered Baby Data.

In it you can find out how many babies were legally slaughtered in our state last year. You can find out their mothers’ education level, her age, and which murder scene was used the most often.

The murdered baby death toll fluctuates from year to year. And like clockwork, multiple explanations surface as to why more or fewer kids are dead compared to last year.

In fact, I’ve been approached to explain why I think there were more aborted babies in 2020 than in 2019.

There are many theories I’ve heard tossed around, but I’m not buying any of them.

The truth is more babies were murdered in 2020 because it’s still legal to kill them.

Those “numbers” that go up and down year by year aren’t just some tally marks on a page.

They stand for innocent human beings who are now dead because our elected officials refuse to do their jobs and abolish abortion in Indiana.

The serial killers at Planned Parenthood and other child killing centers passed out more pills to kill babies in 2020 than they suctioned from their mothers’ wombs.

How did we get to the place where murderers change preferred killing methods, tell the government, and when the government “publishes the data” instead of STOPPING THE MURDERS, the big discussion is around HOW people were killed instead of the fact that kids are being killed in the first place?

Enough is enough.

Every unborn child has a God-given right to live, and the state of Indiana has a responsibility to protect that right.

For five years, Hoosiers for Life has promoted our Protection of Life bill, which would end abortion in Indiana.

Every year, a Republican kills our bill.

In January of 2021, Rep. Curt Nisly and Rep. John Jacob authored our abortion ban yet again, but “pro-life” Republican Jerry Torr killed it in his committee, just like “pro-life” Rep. Ben Smaltz did the previous four years.

But I REFUSE to give up, because babies are still dying and they’re still worth fighting for--every last one of them.

That’s why Hoosiers for Life is already gearing up for next year.

First of all, we plan to push for Protection of Life legislation in 2022.

Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob have pledged to author our abortion ban for the 6th time, once again giving the rest of the “pro-life” Republicans a chance to end legalized child killing in our state.

Secondly, we have a plan to communicate with pro-lifers across Indiana to let them know about their Representatives’ behavior.

You see, the 2022 primary election is just around the corner, and many of our Republican Representatives will work to kill our abortion ban during the legislative session and then campaign as pro-life during election time.

My goal is to educate our supporters on which Reps stay true to their pro-life promises and which betray the unborn.

In order for the law to be changed in Indiana, folks have to know what their elected officials are doing. That way, pro-lifers can speak up an