• Amy Schlichter

Smaltz to Kill Life Bill, Blames Bill's Author

Dear Friend,

Time is short, so I’ll cut right to the chase.

I’ve heard back from many of you who have called Rep. Ben Smaltz, and now I know his next dirty trick.

He’s lying about Rep. Curt Nisly.

You see, Smaltz doesn’t like being exposed for siding with pro-abortion groups.

The truth is, Planned Parenthood wants him to kill the bill, and Smaltz plans to kill it.

But, Ben is shaking in his boots now that pro-lifers know the truth, so he’s spinning the story, telling our callers it’s Nisly’s fault the bill won’t be heard.

Bill supporters are being told Nisly hasn’t requested a meeting with Smaltz, and therefore, no hearing can be granted.

Well, we verified with Rep. Nisly that he has indeed requested a meeting between himself, me, and Ben Smaltz regarding HB 1089, the Protection of Life bill.

But, I also want you to know Rep. Nisly isn’t required to request a meeting with Smaltz in order for the bill to be heard.

Furthermore, don’t believe for one second Rep. Smaltz is unaware of the abortion ban assigned to his committee.

If Smaltz really wanted to end abortion in Indiana, the Protection of Life bill would be on the top of his priority list, and no one would need to request that he hear it. In fact, if Smaltz truly desired to move an abortion ban through his committee, he’d be seeking out Rep. Nisly for meetings.

Next, if he even will meet with Rep. Nisly and me at all, Smaltz will likely “give Nisly an assignment.” And the assignment will be pointless and time-consuming.

You see, Ben’s goal is to waste as much time as possible and blame someone else for it.

Our job is to keep holding him accountable.

The reality is this: a bill to end all abortions in Indiana sits in Smaltz’s committee. He alone decides if the bill receives a hearing. If he refuses a hearing, the bill dies, and another 8,000 babies will die by abortion.

The ball is in Smaltz’s court, and we can’t let him shift the blame to anyone else.

Yes, time is short, but we still have time to urge Ben Smaltz to hear the bill!

I know so many of you have called before, but we can’t give up now.

Don’t get spun by Smaltz and his staffers. Know this: if Smaltz wants to hear the bill, he can make it happen.

So, I’m asking you once again to call Rep. Ben Smaltz and urge him to hear HB 1089.

If you’re told it’s Rep. Nisly’s fault the bill can’t be heard, push back, and do not accept the lie. Tell the staffer you know Smaltz can hear the bill if he wants to and demand he make it happen.

You can reach Smaltz here: 317-232-9620

After that, please call the entire Public Policy Committee and ask them to also urge Rep. Ben Smaltz to hear the Protection of Life bill, HB 1089.

Here are the numbers you need:

2020 House Public Policy Members

Thank you so much for fighting alongside me in the battle for pre-born babies.

Just like last time, I’d love to hear from you after you make those calls.

I’ll update you soon!

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

PS. Thanks to your reports, I’ve uncovered Rep. Ben Smaltz’s next dirty trick in his scheme to kill Indiana’s abortion ban, HB 1089. He’s telling pro-life callers Rep. Curt Nisly has failed to request a meeting, and that’s why the bill can’t be heard. This is not true.

It’s time to double down and call Smaltz again. Demand he grant a hearing on HB 1089. And, if you’re told it’s Rep. Nisly’s fault the bill can’t be heard, tell them you know that’s not true, and insist Smaltz hear the bill.

You can reach Smaltz here: 317-232-9620

Sign your Protection of Life Petition today!

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