• Amy Schlichter

Session Recap and What's Next?

Dear Friend,

The 2021 Indiana legislative session is in the books, and what a session it has been.

In a year where lawmakers would have gladly shoved unborn babies to the wayside to tackle “more important issues,” Hoosiers for Life and our supporters made sure that didn’t happen.

Legalized child killing was still a topic of discussion at the Indiana Statehouse, much to the dismay of our abortion-complacent legislators.

First off, Rep. Nisly authored and Rep. Jacob co-authored the Protection of Life bill, which would ban abortion in our state.

With a “pro-life” Republican supermajority, legislation to protect our unborn neighbors at conception should pass with flying colors.

But our elected officials betrayed the unborn and insisted on keeping abortion safe and legal.

And I’m not just talking about the Democrats.

Republican Jerry Torr buried the Protection of Life bill in his committee, refusing to protect babies from the horror of abortion for the 5th straight year.

Although the Establishment hoped we’d throw in the towel, we didn’t give up!

Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob went on to author pro-life amendments, fighting for babies until the end of session.

The Establishment and Roe Tolerance Lobby sought to kill every pro-life measure Nisly and Jacob introduced, including the Baby River amendment, which would protect premature infants.

Once Indiana Republicans went on the record and voted against protecting already born babies, I got the word out, and you immediately responded.

Our lawmakers were shaking in their boots after hearing from so many angry voters!

Hoosiers for Life and our supporters effectively pressured our elected officials to do an about face and pass Baby River language into law!

This is not something they wanted to do, as evidenced by the 97 votes against it the first time.

But once you made your voices heard, they knew they better change their tune.

And they did.

Now that Baby River legislation has been passed, hospitals must offer life saving care to premature infants, even if they are born before 24 weeks gestation.

This legislation defies Roe v. Wade because it protects babies before the time-frame that Roe v. Wade determines they can be protected.

Another amendment Nisly and Jacob put forward was the Sanctity of Life amendment. We now have lawmakers on the record regarding defining and defending life in the womb.

These votes are important because pro-life Hoosiers deserve to know where our elected officials really stand on protecting the unborn.

Despite just voting against pro-life amendments, Indiana House Republicans will soon be back on the campaign trail as “pro-life,” hoping for your support in the 2022 primary election.

During the election, it is my goal to educate constituents and expose anti-life politicians who make pro-life promises they do not intend to keep.

While the 2022 primary election seems far away, the planning and preparing for statewide education must begin now!

Here is how I plan to do it:

  • Expand our direct mail and email program, informing our supporters of what is going on, what we are doing, and why.

  • Construct more non-regulating, hard hitting bills and amendments to be introduced during the 2022 legislative session.

  • Continue to keep records of our elected officials’ behavior during the 2022 legislative session.

  • Send surveys to politicians, getting them on the record with their pro-life stance.

  • Publicize survey results, including a highlight of those who lied on surveys.

  • Reach out to Hoosiers for Life supporters informing them of survey results, incumbents’ voting records, and where their lawmakers stand on ending abortion instead of just regulating the evil practice.

While Indiana lawmakers have packed up and gone home, our work here at Hoosiers for Life is just getting started.