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RINOs Plot to Redistrict Nisly, Jacob Out

Is Rep. Tim Wesco Part of the Scheme?

Dear Friend,

This is an important message, so I’ll jump straight to the point.

I’ve received word that the Political Class is actively seeking to remove Representative Curt Nisly and Representative John Jacob from office by strategically redrawing House district lines, which is expected to be done in September.

If this is true, it means they’ll attempt to move boundaries in order to place Nisly and Jacob in tough-to-win districts. The Establishment’s goal would be for the two pro-life heroes to lose the 2022 Primary election.

Sources say the Political Class hopes to get rid of the most conservative Republicans in the state of Indiana at any cost—even if it means giving a seat up to a pro-abortion Democrat!

Why would they do this?

Reps. Nisly and Jacob keep their pro-life promises. Rep. Nisly authored a bill to ban abortion five years in a row, and once Rep. Jacob was elected, he co-authored the bill. Both men boldly stand for the pre-born, even when the Establishment warns them not to.

This past year, Nisly and Jacob not only authored our Protection of Life bill, but they also authored multiple pro-life amendments in an effort to protect Hoosier babies.

Establishment politicians conspired to kill The Life bill, as well as the amendments, and fought to avoid voting on any of them.

As you can imagine, they were mad as hornets when they were forced to go on the record regarding Baby River legislation. Almost all of the Republicans voted AGAINST providing lifesaving care to babies born alive before the “age of viability.”

But, when Hoosiers for Life supporters expressed their outrage that Indiana Republicans would refuse to protect preemies, the Political Class quickly did an about face and inserted the same language into another bill, which they passed through gritted teeth.

So I ask again, why would the Republican Establishment plot to unseat Reps. Nisly and Jacob?

The short answer is because Nisly and Jacob make the rest of them look bad.

Reps. Nisly and Jacob stand firm on their stance that abortion should be abolished. The rest of the Republicans refuse to ban the evil practice. Reps. Nisly and Jacob are staunchly conservative on other issues too, while the Establishment simply is not.

After five years of being forced to address the issue of legalized child killing in Indiana and a session which revealed their true pro-life stance, the Establishment is champing at the bit to wash their hands of Rep. Jacob and Rep. Nisly.

You see, if they purge Nisly and Jacob, then the RINOs can brag to their constituents they are doing all they can to be super pro-life, while really doing nothing. But it’s harder every year to make up new excuses for why they refuse to support an abortion ban or strong pro-life amendments.

The Political Class would like for solid pro-life measures such as the Protection of Life bill to just not be an option at all. And their next move in killing these efforts is to remove the authors.

This isn’t the first time the Establishment tried to rid themselves of true conservatives. Before the 2020 primary election, Brian Bosma tried to recruit a replacement for Nisly.

So it’s no surprise the Establishment is at it again and adding Rep. Jacob as a target too.

These slimy moves are just what we would expect from the pro-aborts and liberal Democrats, and yet, it is “pro-life” Republican politicians reportedly scheming against two Representatives who strive to end abortion every single year.

Rep. Tim Wesco is chair of the committee for redistricting. You might remember Representative Wesco. He is the Rep. who told us Republicans NEVER plan to end abortion.

Is Representative Wesco leading the charge on this effort to redistrict and unseat conservative legislators? I’d sure like to know.

Please call Rep. Wesco today. Ask him if he is conspiring against pro-life Representatives to redistrict them out of the Statehouse.

Then, ask if he’s even willing to let a conservative district go to pro-abort Democrats just to get rid of a pro-life Republican. Let him know you expect him to join Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob in fighting to end abortion.

Here’s Wesco’s number: 317-232-9753.

After that, call House Speaker Todd Huston and ask him the same. Is Huston itching to do away with Reps. Nisly and Jacob? Will he follow in Brian Bosma’s footsteps and actively seek to remove conservatives from the Statehouse?

House Speaker Todd Huston can be reached at 317-232-9677.

I’ll be watching what happens with redistricting. If you want up-to-date information about this issue, text MAPS to 260-693-7334, and I’ll text you info as soon as I get it.

Meanwhile, please do take a few minutes and call Rep. Wesco and House Speaker Todd Huston.

Fill me in on what kind of responses you receive. I’d love to know what Rep. Wesco has to say.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. The General Assembly will be redrawing district boundaries soon, and insiders say Establishment politicians are plotting to strategically place Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob in hard to win districts. In so doing, the Political Class is hoping to wash their hands of the two most conservative Republicans at the Statehouse.

Rep. Tim Wesco is the chair of the House committee in charge of redistricting. Is Rep. Wesco scheming to unseat Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob? Furthermore, is he planning to let one of those districts go to the pro-abort Democrats just to get rid of pro-life Republicans?

Call him and find out! You can reach Rep. Wesco here: 317-232-9753.

Then, call House Speaker Todd Huston at 317-232-9677. Ask him if he is puppeteering redistricting so he doesn’t have to deal with Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob anymore.

Text MAPS to 260-693-7334 and receive up-to-date information on redistricting as I receive it.

I hope you’ll consider chipping in a few dollars, even just $5 or $10, to help us hold our elected officials accountable to their pro-life promises.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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