• Amy Schlichter

RINOs Plot to Redistrict Nisly, Jacob Out

Is Rep. Tim Wesco Part of the Scheme?

Dear Friend,

This is an important message, so I’ll jump straight to the point.

I’ve received word that the Political Class is actively seeking to remove Representative Curt Nisly and Representative John Jacob from office by strategically redrawing House district lines, which is expected to be done in September.

If this is true, it means they’ll attempt to move boundaries in order to place Nisly and Jacob in tough-to-win districts. The Establishment’s goal would be for the two pro-life heroes to lose the 2022 Primary election.

Sources say the Political Class hopes to get rid of the most conservative Republicans in the state of Indiana at any cost—even if it means giving a seat up to a pro-abortion Democrat!

Why would they do this?