• Amy Schlichter

RINOs Move Forward with Redistricting Scheme

Dear Friend,

Establishment politicians proceeded with their scheme to redistrict Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob out of the Statehouse, despite a flood of calls and emails insisting they reverse course.

Rep. Jacob is now in a district made up of more pro-abort Democrats than before.

Rep. Nisly has been drawn into a district to face another current state representative.

I’ve been asked many times, “Why would they do this?”

After all, Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob are the most pro-life and most conservative legislators in the Statehouse.

Why would the Establishment want to get rid of them?

The short answer is, Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob make the others look bad.

You see, Establishment politicians have a goal they don’t want you to know about.

Their goal is to make you think they’re working in your best interest, while really doing nothing—unless it benefits themselves.

For example, they might prance around during campaign season bragging of their “pro-life” accomplishments. They might even strut into a pro-life protest at Planned Parenthood in an attempt to earn your support.

But once in office, this same politician might kill Indiana’s abortion ban four times in a row and tell journalists if his wife wants an abortion, she better be able to get one.

Rep. Ben Smaltz isn’t alone in his betrayal of the unborn.

Representative Timothy Wesco let us know Republicans would NEVER end abortion.

Former House Speaker Brian Bosma told us we ought to focus on stuff that’s really important, and he instructed his fellow Republicans not to support abortion ban legislation.

Current House Speaker Todd Huston picked up the baton from Bosma and works at killing any amendment or bill which would ban abortion.

Representative Dan Leonard helps Huston block any pro-life amendment Nisly and Jacob pursue on the House floor.

Rep. Jerry Torr obeyed Huston’s orders and killed Protection of Life legislation earlier this year, which makes for the fifth time Republican leadership ordered the bill’s execution.

All of these men claim to be pro-life, but given the chance to end abortion, they refuse.

Year after year, members of the political class dig in their heels and side with Planned Parenthood, keeping abortion legal.

In stark contrast, Rep. Nisly filed an abortion ban five years in a row and pledges to continue battling for pre-born babies.

In just the one year he’s been in the Statehouse, Rep. Jacob has fought relentlessly for the pre-born, co-authoring the Protection of Life bill.