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Rep. Smaltz Betrays Unborn Babies, Keeps Abortion Legal

Dear Friend,

For the fourth year in a row, Representative Ben Smaltz has kept abortion legal in Indiana.

Despite 40,000 petitions supporting the bill and countless phone calls insisting he hear it, Ben Smaltz followed through with his plot to kill the Protection of Life bill yet again.

A typical Establishment politician, Ben obeyed the Speaker’s orders to bury HB 1089, appeasing Pro-Choice South Bend and Planned Parenthood, and ignoring pro-life voters who put him in office.

Smaltz thinks if he stands strong and keeps killing pro-life bills, you and I will go away and stop asking him to end abortion in our state.

He believes he has power over us.

But, you see, the real power in politics is with the people.

Even though Smaltz stubbornly refuses to hear Indiana’s abortion ban, the people are gaining ground.

For the last four years, pro-life hero Rep. Curt Nisly has filed a bill to end abortion in our state. Never before Rep. Nisly dared to do it has Indiana had an abortion ban filed.

Tens of thousands of pro-life Hoosiers have rallied around the Protection of Life bill, firmly telling our elected officials what we want—an end to legalized child killing. And, we’re standing our ground, refusing to compromise on the lives of innocent babies.

The Establishment thought if they ignored us long enough, we would stop insisting they do their jobs and protect unborn children. But, for four years, we have remained steadfast.

According to one Establishment journalist, this is “making everyone uncomfortable.”

What’s more, he suggests it was our members who drove House Speaker Brian Bosma out of office!

My friends, the RINOs are starting to squirm, and it’s because of your hard work they’re even talking about abortion at the Statehouse.

Thanks to your support, Hoosiers for Life was able to print and deliver 40,000 petitions supporting HB 1089, the Protection of Life bill, to key legislators in January of 2020. This sent a loud message to our elected officials.

But, we didn’t stop there.

Bill supporters were ready and willing to put pressure on lawmakers to do the right thing. When House Speaker Brian Bosma held HB 1089 hostage, I asked you to call him and insist he assign it to committee. And he did!

Then, I let you know Representative Ben Smaltz has a track record of hostility toward unborn babies. You started making calls, asking Smaltz to hear HB 1089 instead of killing it this year.

When I found out Pro-Choice South Bend and Planned Parenthood demanded Smaltz kill the bill for a fourth time and he planned to follow through, you again were ready to make the call.

I asked you to contact Smaltz and urge him to reverse course and stand with pro-lifers instead of pro-aborts, and you rose to the occasion.

Pro-life Hoosiers flooded the Statehouse phone lines!

Even though Smaltz ignored us all and killed the bill, he did so wearily.

A recent publication from Indiana Business Journal indicates Smaltz is taking so much flak from pro-lifers that he may not accept the Public Policy Chairman position in 2021.

Smaltz is tired of resisting us. He and the rest of the Establishment hope that killing the Protection of Life bill yet again will cause us to back off.

But, I refuse to slink away in defeat and quit asking lawmakers to do their jobs and protect babies from abortion.

Little boys and girls will die today at an Indiana Planned Parenthood.

While the law does not protect them, and while Ben Smaltz refuses to try to save them, innocent babies are worth fighting for.

Too much is at stake for us to give up now.

Yes, the bill is dead for this session, but we have made great strides.

And, our job is not over.

The primary election season is just around the corner. The deadline for filing for office is February 7th.

After that, it’s time to let folks around the state know which legislators support the Protection of Life bill and which do not.

I could use your help to make that happen.

Would you consider chipping in $25 or even $10 to help me send surveys by certified mail to key candidates?

These surveys ask questions which will help us know where a candidate says he or she stands on abortion. I will keep these survey results and compare candidates’ answers to their behavior once in office.

If I can raise $225 by Feb. 13th, I can send surveys by certified mail to 25 candidates. This will leave no question on whether or not they received it.

I’d like to send surveys through certified mail to as many candidates as I can, so, if $450 comes in, I can mail 50 surveys through certified mail.

Thank you so much for your support so far, and thank you for all of your phone calls and emails supporting the Protection of Life bill.

It is disheartening to know Smaltz ignored us again and kept abortion legal, but I do hope you’re encouraged by the difference we’re making and determined to never give up.

The lives of our pre-born neighbors are worth our efforts!

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

PS. Rep. Ben Smaltz followed through with his plot to kill the Protection of Life bill, HB 1089. This is the fourth time this so-called pro-life Republican has killed Indiana’s abortion ban, and he’s taking so much heat from pro-lifers about it, he may not accept Public Policy Chairman position again.

Please help us educate voters on how Ben Smaltz and other legislators view abortion by chipping in $25 or $10 by February 13th. This will help fund our Legislative Survey Program.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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