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Pro-life Candidates Win General Election

Dear Friend,

Making our voices heard to our elected officials is an important step in securing an unborn baby’s God-given right to live.

In Tuesday’s General Election, pro-lifers in Indiana did just that!

Elections, of course, are where politicians are forced to seek the “consent of the governed” in the United States.

This makes election season the very best time for pro-lifers to make our voices heard by lobbying the politicians.

And you did a great job.

In House District 22, State Representative Curt Nisly was challenged by a candidate who REFUSED to support the Protection of Life bill.

Nisly’s opponent would not go on the record with her views on ending abortion in Indiana, and she refused to let folks know whether or not she believed abortion is a constitutional right.

By contrast, Rep. Curt Nisly is a proven pro-life hero.

He authored Hoosier for Life’s historic Protection of Life bill, which would protect ALL unborn babies at the moment of conception and save nearly 8,000 children per year from the savagery of abortion.

Rep. Nisly handily won the General Election, and his opponent was left reeling in defeat after denying voters the truth about where she stands on an unborn child’s God-given right to live.

There are also several other districts around the state where you made your voices heard in support of protecting unborn babies.

For example, John Jacob (HD 93) answered his Hoosiers for Life Candidate survey at 100% pro-life.

Jacob pledged to work to protect all unborn children at the moment of conception and he let his district know he believes abortion is NOT a constitutional right.

Furthermore, Jacob agreed abortion should be illegal in Indiana.

Jacob’s opponent, on the other hand, refused to support ending abortion once and for all in our state and was even endorsed by Planned Parenthood!

The District 93 community spoke up loud and clear when Jacob beat his opponent by a wide margin.

In House District 66, Zach Payne filled out his Candidate Survey at 100% pro-life. Payne won against the Democrat incumbent, who REFUSED to go on the record with his views on abortion.

Other winning candidates who answered their surveys at 100% pro-life include Dan Leonard (HD 50), Brad Barrett (HD 56), Ryan Lauer (HD 59), and Cindy Ledbetter (HD 75).

At the beginning of election season, I asked you to lobby candidates who refused to support an unborn baby’s right to live, and you rose to the occasion. Folks insisted the candidates reverse course and stand strong for our pre-born neighbors.

But, the candidates still refused.

And, in each case, the politician learned there is a cost for betraying unborn babies.

On Election Day, life advocates sent a strong message to the political class: there is a political price to pay for refusing to stand strong for the pre-born in Indiana.

I’m still keeping a watchful eye on where elected officials stand on the issue of abortion, and once the legislative session begins, I’ll track the behavior of those in office to see if they keep their pro-life promises.

Thank you so much for your hard work this election season. I am honored to fight for our pre-born neighbors alongside you.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. The General Election was a wonderful opportunity for you to lobby politicians on behalf of unborn babies -- and you rose to the occasion.

Members of the political class were put on notice that they will pay a political price if they choose to betray pre-born children once they are in office.

Thanks to your hard work, LIFE was a major issue for the last few months, and will continue to be so as we prepare to push for our Protection of Life bill in the 2021 legislative session.

Please consider chipping in $20 or $10 to help me reach even more Hoosiers with these vital messages.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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