• Amy Schlichter

Politics Driving You Crazy?

It’s been said that Christians should not be involved in politics. I believe this is far from the truth that you and I should live by.  

By being involved and knowing what’s happening around us, we gain an upper hand and understanding about the world that we live in. The culture around us is changing ever so quickly and if there has ever been a time that Christian conservatives should be involved in politics...it is now!  

There are many concepts that I learned at my first Political Leadership School taught by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL), but the most important one was that if people like us don’t get involved, then all our laws will be created, produced, proposed, and enacted by those who do not believe in the same values as you and I.

The Foundation teaches conservatives how politics works and how to never be victimized by the political class.


Many of us look at what’s going on around us and it seems too big, too out of control. FACL helps us see it in an approachable way.

The training is directed towards those who have absolutely no political experience while also providing deep instruction and insight to those who are heavily involved.

I have attended the class knowing nothing about anything political. I have sat next to not only people like me but also elected officials, pro-life and pro-family leaders, and those that have traveled across the country to attend. It’s an invaluable class that is highly endorsed by those who are leading the fronts in the conservative movement.