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Planned Parenthood to Hire Fort Wayne Abortionist

Dear Friend,

Help us sound the alarm!

We have been informed that an abortionist is being sent to destroy more lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our boots on the ground tell us the “doctor” may even be Cassandra Cashman, who has been killing babies in Indianapolis for years.

The hit-man originally slated for this position was Jeffery Glazier. But sources say the travelling abortionist is wearing out from his full baby killing schedule.

It’s no surprise for Planned Parenthood to expand child killing services in Fort Wayne. After all, since they bought the property at 2930 Lake Ave on January 31, 2020, we knew they were gearing up to increase the death toll. In the meantime, they made due with referring women to their Indianapolis abortuary.

However, the Fort Wayne death camp may be nearer to slaughtering babies than we thought.

And it’s all because our legislators have failed our pre-born citizens by choosing to regulate abortion rather than abolish it.

My friend, Planned Parenthood is bringing another abortionist to Fort Wayne because it’s still legal to do so.

They just have to jump through the right hoops, and then they can kill the baby.

Regulating abortion isn’t working. This is a war and the incremental process to ending abortion fails babies every day. Babies are dying, and it's high time Indiana state legislators do their jobs and protect the preborn.

Our Republican Representatives have been given the opportunity with the Protection of Life bill, but year after year, our so called "pro-life" Republican Representatives keep abortion legal, just like Planned Parenthood tells them to do.

More abortionists will be hired to murder more babies as long as it's still legal to hire a hitman to kill your child in the womb.

I know if you and I had our way, the wicked practice would be abolished.

Sadly, it is Republican politicians blocking Indiana's abortion ban.

It's high time our Representatives fight for our pre-born neighbors' God-given right to live like Representative Curt Nisly and Representative John Jacob have.

Indiana state legislators have it in their power to end abortion in Indiana. You and I can make a difference by standing firm and speaking up to our elected officials.

We’ve done it before.

In July, the Baby-River legislation went into effect, which demands all preemie babies receive life-saving medical care regardless of age.

This would not have happened without you making your voice known this past legislative session. When so many of you called, legislators worked over time to see that their bad vote was corrected (from originally not protecting preemie babies to assuring that all babies receive life-saving medical care.)

That’s how much power you and I have when we act by letting our voices be heard!

Now is the time to act once again!

Planned Parenthood may be on the verge of killing more babies in Fort Wayne because our Republican super majority refused yet again this year to abolish abortion.

Contact your state legislator and tell them more babies will die because they failed to end abortion this year and you expect them to do their job and secure every unborn child's God-given right to live.

You can find your legislator here.

Please help us on the front lines of this war with your gift of $10 or more to help us end the slaughter of children in Indiana.

You can also text FWPP to (260) 693-7334 to receive critical updates on the Fort Wayne Planned Parenthood and ways you can take action.

While we long for the day it is illegal to murder babies in the womb, we have a team on the last line of defense--the sidewalks of Planned Parenthood, where innocent babies are scheduled to die.

Please come join us as we stand up for babies lives and call on our state legislators to end abortion in our state once and for all.

Join us on Wednesdays any time between 9am -12pm at Planned Parenthood Fort Wayne, 2930 Lake Ave.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Our boots on the ground tell us that an abortionist is being sent to Fort Wayne to kill more babies. We have heard that it could even be Cassandra Cashman who has been killing babies in Indianapolis for years. Indiana state legislators have failed to act when they could have prevented the killing of these children in our state.

Call your state legislator today expressing your displeasure in their failure to end abortion when they had the chance to pass the Protection of Life bill in Indiana this year. Tell them you want them to be more like Representative Curt Nisly and Representative John Jacob.

Find your legislator here.

Then text FWPP to (260) 693-7334 to receive critical updates.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization IRC 501 (c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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