• Amy Schlichter

Planned Parenthood to Hire Fort Wayne Abortionist

Dear Friend,

Help us sound the alarm!

We have been informed that an abortionist is being sent to destroy more lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Our boots on the ground tell us the “doctor” may even be Cassandra Cashman, who has been killing babies in Indianapolis for years.

The hit-man originally slated for this position was Jeffery Glazier. But sources say the travelling abortionist is wearing out from his full baby killing schedule.

It’s no surprise for Planned Parenthood to expand child killing services in Fort Wayne. After all, since they bought the property at 2930 Lake Ave on January 31, 2020, we knew they were gearing up to increase the death toll. In the meantime, they made due with referring women to their Indianapolis abortuary.

However, the Fort Wayne death camp may be nearer to slaughtering babies than we thought.