• Amy Schlichter

BREAKING: Indiana House Speaker Forbids Abortion Ban

Dear Friend,

A warning has been issued to Indiana legislators: do not attempt to ban abortion in 2020.

You would expect such a threat from Planned Parenthood.

But, I hate to report, it came from a Republican.

Sources say the Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives, Brian Bosma, conducted a secret meeting, instructing fellow legislators on his 2020 agenda.

Behind closed doors, Bosma barked orders to Republican Representatives, forbidding attempts to end legalized child killing.

Since 2020 is an election year, the House Speaker commanded there would be no “controversial” issues during the legislative session.

Rep. Bosma doesn’t want you to know these are the orders he issued.

But I think you deserve to know the truth.

And the truth is, Brian Bosma not only refuses to end abortion himself, but he also expects other lawmakers to follow suit.