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If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Statehouse: Brian Bosma Quits

Dear Friend,

Big news hit last week.

Representative Brian Bosma announced 2020 would be his last session as Speaker of the House, and he will not be seeking re-election.

We knew this was coming.

Hoosiers for Life reported Bosma was undecided on a re-election bid before the 2018 elections. He opted to run the show one more term and then call it quits.

The House Speaker’s official reason for leaving after the 2020 session was something along the lines of ‘there is a time for everything,’ stating, “It’s time for someone else to create their things-to-do list for Indiana.”

However, Bosma has been under intense scrutiny from pro-life Hoosiers for plotting to kill pro-life bills and forbidding abortion ban legislation.

Folks are still angry after learning Brian Bosma was the “top Republican from the General Assembly” on the hunt to replace pro-life hero Rep. Curt Nisly.

So, it’s no surprise to discover there’s more to the story than a long time House Speaker who just feels the time is right to move on.

I’ve received word the real reason Bosma quit is because he’s tired of being in the hot seat.

And, after murmurings of a potential primary challenger in the upcoming 2020 elections, he’s decided to just get out of the Statehouse.

With his hostile stance toward ending abortion and a track record of plotting to kill pro-life bills, it may be easy to celebrate Bosma’s departure.

But, we already know the Speaker plans to kill the Protection of Life bill, and with no election in his future, he is much more likely to refuse to assign the bill to committee.

Furthermore, Bosma won’t be leaving without hand picking a replacement.

In fact, he has already selected someone to be the new Speaker of the House, and he’s passing the baton to a fellow he knows won’t protect babies in Indiana.

House Republicans will vote on a “Speaker Elect” soon, but Bosma will order them to appoint his chosen one.

Bosma has had 34 years to end abortion in Indiana, and he hasn’t done it.

He’s had three chances to support an abortion ban another legislator has authored, but instead of fighting to save babies, he schemed to kill the bill every time.

And, on his way out the door, Bosma is ensuring the next guy won’t want the Protection of Life bill to see the light of day either.

This is why now more than ever, we need to speak up and make our voices heard.

Every elected official at the Indiana Statehouse needs to know we mean business when we say they need to do their jobs and protect every unborn child at conception.

During his speech on Organization Day, Bosma declared, “You’re not done with me yet.”

No, we are not.

Bosma still has a responsibility to give the bill a chance, even if he isn’t running for office next year.

While there is little we can do about who Bosma chooses for the next House Speaker, we can ensure every Representative hears our voice as we speak up for the unborn.

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

First, plan to join us at the Statehouse on January 8th as we bring the voice of pro-life Indiana to Indianapolis.

I will deliver tens of thousands of petitions to our elected officials, and I hope you’ll be there to help, as well as meet Representative Curt Nisly, author of the Protection of Life bill.

Secondly, we just need $1,000 more to meet our goal of printing and delivering those petitions to Brian Bosma and his pals.

I’m so grateful for all of the funds we’ve raised so far, and I hope the rest will come in by our deadline of December 15th so I can print every last petition! I’ll print what I am able to, but my goal is to print them all.

After you’ve signed the petition and pitched in a few dollars to help us with printing, please check out our new city by city project, Sanctuary for the Unborn.

Thank you so much for reading this update.

It’s vitally important to stay tuned in to pro-life politics, because if we are not involved, the bad guys get to run the show!

We cannot let up now just because Bosma says he’s done.

Burying the abortion ban three years in a row cost nearly 24,000 lives, and if the Establishment, along with the Roe Tolerance Lobby, does Planned Parenthood’s bidding yet again this year, another 8,000 children will die.

It is for those 8,000 innocent babies we must stand strong and fight.

Let’s send the House Speaker out with a hefty reminder--unborn children have a God-given right to live, and our Representatives have a duty to protect them.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma announced he will be vacating his position as Speaker of the House and not seeking re-election because it’s time to move on.

However, I received word the real reason for Bosma quitting is he’s tired of pressure from conservative voters and wants to avoid a potential primary challenger.

With no election to keep him in check, Bosma may be more dangerous than he was before.

Please join us at the Statehouse on January 8th as we deliver petitions to Bosma and his friends.

We only need $1,000 more to be able to print every last petition, so I hope you’ll consider chipping in $20 or $15 to help us meet our goal.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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