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Hoosiers for Life Supporters Force New Pro-Life House Legislation


Contact: Amy Schlichter

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Hoosiers for Life

April 13, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS- House legislators passed a bill today to protect babies born at any age who survives birth. Hoosiers for Life is celebrating this pro-life measure that moved out of the House and onto the Senate.

Four years ago Hoosiers for Life heard of the heart-breaking story of River Miller. Born before the “age of viability” by just a few days, he died inside an Indiana hospital while being refused care by medical staff. His parents pleaded for his life but were refused transport and care because he did not meet age requirements. Baby River lived several hours in the loving arms of his parents until he passed.

Hoosiers for Life worked diligently alongside Rep. Nisly to make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again. “I was able to meet the Miller family shortly after River passed, they were still in shock over his loss, and rightfully so. I promised that we would do all we can to make sure this didn’t happen to another baby. It’s taken years, but finally, we were able to force the legislature to pass this bill,” states Amy Schlichter, Executive Director of H4L.

Two weeks ago Rep. Nisly and Rep. Jacob took incredibly brave action on the House floor. Rep. Nisly introduced Hoosiers for Life’s Baby River amendment, then both legislators worked together to appeal the ruling of the Speaker and move the amendment to a vote. Lawmakers had the opportunity to stand with the Speaker or vote to save babies.

The majority of House members stuck with the Speaker, while only three courageous men stood against Leadership. “Once Hoosiers for Life received the vote we sent it out to all of our supporters who then made phone calls, wrote emails, and prayed. The vote proved to be humiliating as lawmakers quickly retracted and one state Representative even scrambled trying to find a way to fix his vote. Only three legislators voted for innocent children but all the lawmakers went on the record, and because of that our supporters took immediate action,” said Schlichter

She also stated, “I am ever grateful for Representative Curt Nisly, who bravely stands for what is right, no matter what the Republican establishment may throw at him. Rep. Nisly not only talks the pro-life talk, but he walks the walk. He has accomplished what no other lawmaker has and now with the support of Rep. Jacob he can force good policy whether lawmakers like him or not.”

The baby River amendment provides life-saving care to any baby born alive regardless of age, allows the family to be transported to another hospital if it is needed, and allows families to have a voice in the care of their child.

Schlichter continued, “We, are ecstatic to have moved this bill. Failure often comes before success and we are thankful for both Rep. Nisly & Jacob. If they would not have stood up for babies two weeks ago this bill would never have hit the House floor.”

She also continually stated how thankful she was to supporters of Hoosiers for Life and because they care about preborn babies, all future children born early like baby River will now be protected.

Find out more about Rep. Nisly’s baby River amendment at


Hoosiers for Life’s mission is to promote the protection of all innocent human life from conception to natural death.

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