• Amy Schlichter

Hoosiers for Life Supporters Force New Pro-Life House Legislation


Contact: Amy Schlichter

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Hoosiers for Life

April 13, 2021

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INDIANAPOLIS- House legislators passed a bill today to protect babies born at any age who survives birth. Hoosiers for Life is celebrating this pro-life measure that moved out of the House and onto the Senate.

Four years ago Hoosiers for Life heard of the heart-breaking story of River Miller. Born before the “age of viability” by just a few days, he died inside an Indiana hospital while being refused care by medical staff. His parents pleaded for his life but were refused transport and care because he did not meet age requirements. Baby River lived several hours in the loving arms of his parents until he passed.

Hoosiers for Life worked diligently alongside Rep. Nisly to make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again. “I was able to meet the Miller family shortly after River passed, they were still in shock over his loss, and rightfully so. I promised that we would do all we can to make sure this didn’t happen to another baby. It’s taken years, but finally, we were able to force the legislature