• Amy Schlichter

Hoosiers for Life is at the Elkhart Fair!

We can reach thousands with news about Protection at Conception!

Dear Friend,

The Elkhart County Fair is the largest county fair in Indiana and has been held annually since 1851. It had over 202,500 people attend in 2017.

The fair is well-decorated and stands out from other county fairs in its fantastic aesthetics and attractions. There are also large attractions where people, especially children, are able to show off the animals they’ve raised and taken care of, along with some fun tractor displays at the fair that draw large crowds.

This is exactly why Hoosiers for Life decided to set up a table at the Elkhart County Fair.

The large crowds mean that Hoosiers for Life is able to reach large numbers of people and get the information about rights for the unborn and the Protection at Conception bill that has been proposed in the Indiana legislature for the last 3 years.

Volunteers are set up at the table and are able to share valuable information with interested attendees.

For example, there are models of what the baby looks like at different stages in the womb.

Children love the fetal model.