• Amy Schlichter

Grandfather says, "Abortion has touched my life."

Dear Friend,

A Hoosiers for Life volunteer sent me this after helping us out at the Indiana Association of Home Educators convention booth last year:

“I’m doing this for my granddaughter,” Jim* said, as I handed him his newly purchased Hoosiers for Life sock hat.

I smiled and replied, “I’m sure she’ll love it!”

Jim smiled softly back at me, which I expected from this kind stranger. It was the tears in his eyes that surprised me.

“Abortion has touched my life,” he explained. His voice was shaky, and he wiped his eyes before pausing to collect himself. Then, he told me his story.

"Eighteen years ago, I was touched by abortion. My son was still in high school.

The other grandparents, they wanted their daughter to have an abortion.

We said we’d raise the child. They said, 'Grandparents don’t raise grandchildren.'

A lot of people forget about the dads, you know. And, it was my son who wanted to keep the baby. But, the dads get no say, if the mother wants to abort.

I went to my church, and they went around the table, and they all said they believed in abortion. I couldn’t believe I was the only one against it. I didn’t know what to do.

My son was just torn up, and he came to me. I said, 'Son, you want to keep this baby? Then, you be a man, and you go in there and get her out!'

The girlfriend went to the clinic to have the abortion. Fathers don’t have rights you


My son, he stood on the steps and blocked the door. The police said they’d arrest him.

So, he moved.

She went in and decided not to do it.

This beanie is going to my granddaughter."

By the time Jim finished, everyone at our convention booth was crying. We hugged him and thanked him for sharing his story. We rejoiced with him, 18 years later, that his granddaughter is alive and was not a victim of abortion.

When I tried to just give the hat to Jim, he insisted we keep his donation.

You see, it meant so much to this man to give to a group which is working to end the evil practice that almost took his granddaughter’s life.

And, Jim’s story was motivation for us to keep fighting.

The battle for unborn babies is not easy, but it’s worth it, because every baby deserves a right to live.

Hoosiers for Life is fighting for the rights of the pre-born, for little girls like Jim’s granddaughter, and for the 22 boys and girls who die daily at the hands of Indiana abortionists.

We are working toward a complete and total end to the legalized killing of innocent human beings.

While we have much support across the state, there are still pro-life folks who have never heard of the Protection of Life bill. It is our goal to reach them all!

One way we get the word out is by attending events like the IAHE home school convention, where we met Jim. We chat with folks about the Protection of Life bill, gather petition signatures, and we have a fetal model the children love to look at.

There are still some volunteer slots open for this year’s convention. Please consider volunteering with us! The convention is March 27th and 28th, and we have spots open each day. If you’d like to help, please contact us!

Thank you for all of your support!

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

PS. We met Jim at the IAHE homeschool convention last year, where he shared his story about how abortion touched his life. Read above for details.

We’ll be back at the convention this year on March 27th and 28th, and we still need volunteers to man the booth. Contact me if you can help!

I also hope you’ll consider chipping in $5 or more today to help us end abortion in Indiana.

*Not his real name

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