• Amy Schlichter

Father Stands up for Unborn Child

Dear Friend,

A groundbreaking case is being filed in Alabama after a woman aborted her unborn child despite the baby’s father’s wishes for her to keep the baby.

Ryan Magers, the father of the child, is suing the Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives after they provided medical abortion pills to his pregnant ex-girlfriend despite his adamant pleas against the abortion.

Currently, in the United States, it has been ruled that a father has no rights over his child if the child is unborn. A woman can get an abortion without the father’s consent or without even notifying him of the procedure.

This lawsuit could change that and set a precedent for paternal rights over unborn children.

A parent or guardian is able to file a lawsuit on their born child’s behalf and has the right to represent their interests.

This case assumes that unborn children have the same rights as those who are already born, allowing the baby to be represented by his/her father.

TIME Magazine says this about the case: