• Amy Schlichter

Establishment Politicians Scramble to Prove They’re Pro-life

Updated: Feb 9

Dear Friend,

After killing the Protection of Life bill for the fourth year in a row, Representative Ben Smaltz and the rest of the Establishment are scrambling to save face with voters.

You see, this year is an election year, and most Republicans know they must be “pro-life” to win.

Smaltz is downright afraid his voters will find out he’s still killing pro-life bills.

The crafty fellow is hoping he can get away with doing Planned Parenthood’s bidding yet again. 

But, I know what’s up his sleeve.

Pretty soon, Smaltz will be on the campaign trail, bragging about just how pro-life he is.

And, for his promotional kickoff, he plans to use a regulatory bill in an effort to prove he really does care about unborn babies.

To serve as cover for killing the Protection of Life bill, Smaltz is going to promote legislation regarding the burial of murdered pre-born babies.

Smaltz refused to even have a discussion about a bill to protect living babies, but he will use a bill which protects the rights of dead babies to prop up his sinking pro-life image.

He hopes you will forget he just killed an abortion ban.

Don’t let Ben’s schemes fool you!

The truth is, Smaltz campaigns as pro-life every election season, but year after year, he betrays unborn babies and stabs his pro-life constituents in the back.

And, when confronted about why he keeps killing pro-life bills, Smaltz takes the opportunity to educate the poor ignorant voter on why he has to bury the Protection of Life legislation every year.

Soon, Smaltz will attempt to cloak his pro-life failures with a postured victory.

This is a trick to get you off his back. He’s taking cover behind a feel good ceremony over legally murdered babies.

And Smaltz won’t be the only crooked Republican jumping on the bandwagon.

You see, politicians want to do as little as possible to stay in office.  They don’t want Planned Parenthood mad at them, but they don’t want you mad at them either. 

The Establishment has come up with a plan to appease our demand for an end to legalized child killing and to shield Smaltz from voter scrutiny.

After ignoring 40,000 petitions and countless phone calls and emails supporting HB 1089, Republicans need to look pro-life for election day. So, here’s what they’re promoting as a “victory.”

My friends, burying babies abortionists legally kill is not good enough!

Indiana lawmakers are refusing to protect living unborn babies, but they’re howling “victory” over a mother’s ability to fish her dead child out of the toilet, cart her baby back to the assassin, and receive a “dignified” burial.

Why does an aborted little girl not deserve “dignity” before she is starved, poisoned, or ripped apart?

Folks, this is a desperate attempt by the Establishment to satisfy you.

What pro-life voters need to know is where politicians really stand on abortion.

And, hooting and hollering about bills that protect the rights of dead babies just doesn’t cut it.

We need to know where candidates stand on protecting every baby at the moment of conception.

That’s why Hoosiers for Life is launching a Candidate Survey Program--I want to get candidates on record with their pro-life stance.

My goal is to send as many surveys through certified mail as I can. This will allow me to know the candidate has received our survey.

I need to raise at least $225 by February 13th to send 25 surveys. With $450, I can send 50 surveys by certified mail.

Would you consider chipping in $10 or more to help fund our Candidate Survey Program?

I will be making results public so you can know where your candidate stands on protecting all babies from the horror of abortion.

In the meantime, when your legislator starts cheering “women’s choice” and “dignity” for dead babies, remind them of the bill that would’ve protected an unborn baby’s right to live.

Tell them we wouldn’t have to bury aborted children if it were illegal to kill them in the first place.

Then, ask them if they’ve filled out the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey yet. If they haven’t, remind them it’s coming soon.

Thank you for reminding our elected officials of what’s “really important.”

I’ll keep in touch with survey results.

I know pro-life Hoosiers want to know who really stands with them and who sides with Planned Parenthood.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

PS. The Indiana Establishment is howling victory over a bill which would protect a dead pre-born baby’s right to be buried. After killing a bill which would protect an unborn child’s right to live, the Establishment is trying to save face with voters ahead of election season.

I hope you’ll consider chipping in $10 or $5 to help fund our Candidate Survey Program, which will get candidates on record with where they really stand on abortion.

After that, sign your Protection of Life petition, letting your elected officials know you expect them to end abortion once and for all in our state.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.