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Defiant House Speaker Refuses to Follow his own Rules

Dear Friend,

Small children sometimes throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. Surely, you’re familiar with the screaming toddler in the grocery store whose mother refused his demand for candy. He might stand in the aisle wailing and refusing to move an inch until Mama steps in and makes him.

Well, politicians pitch fits too. And, our Indiana House Speaker is in the middle of one.

What he means by that is don’t do anything really important, like saving babies’ lives. Instead, lawmakers should feed the people candy—bills that taste good and feel good but do no real good at all.

He’s issued this decree before, and all the legislators playing in Bosma’s sandbox know he will try to make you pay for not following commands.

But, since upholding God’s enduring command of do not murder and saving the lives of unborn babies is more important than doing what a pompous House Speaker tells you to do, Representative Curt Nisly filed the Protection of Life bill anyway.

And now, Speaker Bosma is breaking rules to ensure its demise.

House Rule 112 states the Speaker must assign bills to committee within 10 calendar days of filing. HB 1089, the Protection of Life bill, was filed on January 2nd, but it has not been assigned to a committee. Also not assigned is another bill Nisly authored—Constitutional Carry.

Committees are already meeting, and since there is limited time for bills to receive hearings, delaying the assignment reduces the chance of the Protection of Life bill moving forward.

You better believe Bosma is dragging his feet on purpose.

The lawless House Speaker may even wait until there is no time left at all for committees to give the bill a hearing, leaving no chance at life for another 8,000 babies this year alone.

On January 8th, Hoosiers for Life delivered 40,000 petitions supporting the Protection of Life bill. While we were there, Bosma cowered behind closed doors, refusing to meet with us.

In ignoring the 40,000 petitions and refusing to follow his own House rules, the tyrannical Speaker is sending a strong message to us mere peasants—stand down, I have the power.

While Bosma is throwing a tantrum and trying to show us who is boss, babies are dying.

Every single day in our state 22 babies are sucked from their mothers’ wombs.

Abortionists rip the arms and legs off of tiny boys and girls and throw them in the garbage.

And our House Speaker on a power trip is committed to letting it continue.

With his political tantrum, Bosma is insisting we quit calling for an end to legalized child killing, because he’s never going to end it. Since this is his last year in office, it’s a promise he’s determined to keep, and he’s grown haughtier than ever.

When it comes to rules, Bosma only follows them when he wants to, and he expects others to obey what he demands. He even reminded legislators of the mandatory ethics training they must all attend.

I wonder if the training covered the ethics of House Speakers breaking their own rules, or the intentional killing of unborn humans.

No matter how much sand any hostile House Speaker throws in my face, I will never stop standing up for our pre-born neighbors.

We the people must make our voices known. Let’s light up the phone lines and remind Brian Bosma he has a duty to the people of Indiana as House Speaker to follow the rules and assign Protection of Life to committee.

Our phone calls will not only serve as a reminder to our swellheaded House Speaker on his way out the door, but it will also remind those left in the Statehouse that we are watching and we expect them to do their jobs and protect an unborn child’s right to live.

Even if you’ve called before, please, do not delay, call House Speaker Brian Bosma right now at 317-232-9677 and demand he assign HB 1089 to committee.

After that, forward this message to friends who will call too.

Our rogue House Speaker needs to hear from you right away. Bosma’s number is 317-232-9677.

The longer the bill stalls without a committee assignment, the higher the chance is that it dies.

And when the bill is dead, another 8,000 Hoosier babies are too.

So, please call Bosma at 317-232-9677 and insist he follow his own rules and assign HB 1089 to a committee.

I also hope you’ll pitch in a few dollars so we can tell even more people what a rule breaking Speaker we have.

When more people call, the chances are higher that legislators will listen.

Here is Bosma’s number: 317-232-9677

Make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life petition, and send that on to your pro-life friends as well. When you sign, Bosma receives an email showing your support of the bill he is plotting to kill, HB 1089.

Thank you so much for supporting Hoosiers for Life. When we work together, we really can make a difference.

I’ll keep you posted on HB 1089, the Protection of Life bill.

In the meantime, make that call!

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

PS. House Speaker Brian Bosma is breaking his own rules and refusing to assign the Protection of Life bill to committee.

House Rule 112 states he must do so within 10 calendar days of the bill being filed, but Bosma is ignoring it. He is also ignoring the 40,000 petitions in support of HB 1089 delivered to the Statehouse.

Please call House Speaker Bosma right now at 317-232-9677 and demand he follow his own rules and assign HB 1089 to a committee.

After that, please forward this message to your friends.

Make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life petition. An email will be delivered directly to Bosma’s inbox.

I also hope you’ll consider chipping in $5 or more to help me tell more people about our rule breaking House Speaker.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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