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BREAKING: Republican to kill Indiana's abortion ban

Republican Jerry Torr

Dear Friend,

Year after year, Rep. Nisly has proven to be a champion for pre-born babies, seeking to protect every unborn child, regardless of how or when an abortionist would kill them.

It turns out 2022 is no different!

For the sixth year in a row, Rep. Curt Nisly has filed the Protection of Life bill, HB 1282, which treats the unborn like any other living individual.

And I have both good and bad news regarding our bill.

The good news is Representative John Jacob is a co-author of the Protection of Life bill for the second year in a row!

While campaigning in 2020, Rep. Jacob pledged to co-author our abortion ban, and he followed through with his promise in 2021 when he took office. In 2022, he continues to prove he is a pro-life hero fighting for the pre-born.

In co-authoring Protection of Life, Rep. John Jacob is making a bold statement against state sanctioned child killing and standing up for every pre-born baby’s God given right to live.

While it is very good news that Nisly and Jacob have both stayed true to their campaign promises in authoring and co-authoring HB 1282, I also have some bad news to share.

The bad news is, the committee chair, Representative Jerry Torr, reportedly plans to kill the bill–again.

Last year, Republican Jerry Torr buried the Protection of Life bill in his committee, refusing to protect babies from the horror of abortion for the 5th straight year.

And inside sources say that’s the plan for this year, too.

It isn’t too late for this pro-life Republican to change his mind and grant Protection of Life legislation a fair hearing and a vote, so I hope you’ll join me in urging Rep. Torr to stop siding with Planned Parenthood and to side with our pre-born neighbors instead.

Call Rep. Jerry Torr today at 317.234.3827.

Insist he grant HB 1282, Protection of Life, a hearing and a vote. Tell him the babies deserve a chance to LIVE.

Then, let me know what he says.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Rep. Curt Nisly has filed the Protection of Life bill, HB 1282, which would save all babies from abortion. And the good news is Rep. John Jacob has signed on to co-author the bill for the second year in a row, just as he promised he would do.

The bad news is Rep. Jerry Torr plans to kill the bill for the second time.

Please call him and insist he grant HB 1282 a hearing and a vote. Our pre-born neighbors deserve to LIVE!

Torr’s number is 317.234.3827.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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