• Amy Schlichter

Biden to expand baby killing and codify Roe into law

Dear Friend,

We need to ban abortion in Indiana, and we need to do it NOW.

I’ve always said it’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.

But our Indiana lawmakers disagree.

Unfortunately, even Republicans who ran on a pro-life ticket have refused to pass Protection of Life legislation for the last four years.

One excuse they’ve used is that Roe v. Wade is the “law of the land.” It isn’t, though, because courts don’t make laws.

While “pro-life” Republicans may be confused about the role of SCOTUS, the pro-aborts know Roe v. Wade isn’t a law because now they’re pledging to make it one.

On Whitehouse.gov, you’ll find the Biden Administration’s promise to push for MORE legalized child killing, MORE activist judges, and to cement the right to kill unborn children into Federal law.

The state of Indiana MUST STAND UP NOW and ban abortion.

Fortunately, Rep. Curt Nisly drafted HB 1539, the Protection of Life bill, to do just that.

Now, some may say a new nationwide law codifying Roe would override our statewide ban, but that’s not the case.

HB 1539 not only protects babies, but it also states the Federal government cannot take away our right to do so. In other words, the Feds can GO POUND SAND—Indiana forbids the killing of pre-born Hoosiers, no matter what Federal law says.

The lives of at least 8,000 Hoosier babies per year are at stake, and if Biden gets what he wants, even more will be slaughtered.

That’s why we must make our voices heard to our elected officials and insist they move to protect innocent lives THIS YEAR.

There are a few ways you can help.

First of all, sign the petition.

Even if you’ve already signed, there’s an important reason to sign again—the bill is in a different committee this year!

Last year, we delivered 40,000 petitions to Rep. Ben Smaltz, who killed Protection of Life legislation, and House Speaker Brian Bosma, who reportedly instructed him to do so.

Bosma and Smaltz refused to grant the bill a hearing and a vote, but our loud voices made a difference!

Bosma could no longer take the heat, so he got out of the Statehouse!

And sources close to the Statehouse report that Smaltz is weary from all of the criticism he’s received for killing Indiana’s abortion ban four times in a row, so the bill was placed outside of his committee this year.

My friends, we have a new crew of Republicans to contact and insist they end abortion in Indiana.

The new House Speaker, Todd Huston, and the Judiciary Committee Chair, Rep. Jerry Torr, need to hear from you today.

Sign your Protection of Life Petition right away so they can hear from life advocates all around the state when we insist abortion must be ended NOW.

Since the bill is in Torr’s committee, he can either choose to ignore the bill, which would kill it, or he can grant HB 1539 a hearing and a vote, which is what we want!

With a hearing and a roll call vote, we can see which of these Republicans are serious about saving unborn babies and who would side with pro-aborts who seek to keep abortion legal.

And with Biden hoping to expand child killing across America, the time to protect unborn Hoosiers is NOW.

Please call Rep. Jerry Torr at 317-234-9499 and insist on a hearing and a vote for HB 1539, the Protection of Life bill.

After that, I sure hope you’ll consider helping Hoosiers for Life fight for the unborn by donating your best gift today.

I’m not sure what that might be for you, and I understand everyone’s situation is different.

For some folks reading this, $500 wouldn’t be out of the question, but for others, $100 or $50, or even $20, $10 or $5 is what they can give right now.

We appreciate anything you can contribute.

Every last dollar is used for advocating for the rights of the pre-born.

It takes about $15,000 just to keep us up and running for the year.