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Adoption Update!

It has been 5 months since Cash was born. It’s the most exhausting yet exhilarating experience having a newborn. The first week of his life was not easy. But with wonderful doctors and nursing staff and his mama, he got through it. He is seriously the strongest little guy! We got to bring him home a week and a day later. It was difficult being in the hospital by myself with Cash for that week while my husband was home tending to the house, taking care of our oldest son, Cooper and working. I didn’t have any true personal support. Phone calls and texts were great but some days I just needed more. Ultimately I wouldn’t change that week because I feel the bond that Cash and I created was super special. Finally the day came to go home and we were all beyond excited to start this new journey as a family of 4!

I feel like we adjusted really well minus the whole lack of sleep thing. With adoption, you suddenly have to adjust to very little sleep and all things that come with newborn territory. Thankfully, Cash was (and still is) a super easy, chill baby! SO happy! We’ve been told by so many people that he is seriously the happiest baby all the time! Spoiler alert: it is true!

One thing that has been an absolute joy to watch is Cooper being a big brother! He has waited so long to be a brother and he has taken that role on like none other. Cash is one lucky dude to have Cooper in his corner! I cannot wait to see the special bond continue to grow between them. No one can get Cash to smile quite like Cooper can. You mention “bubby” to Cash and he just lights up!

About Cash. He has the biggest, bluest eyes that draw you in. Daddy sometimes calls him “ole blue.” His big, gummy smile is the best. He will literally smile at anyone who takes a second to talk to him. He just rolled over at about 4.5 months and that’s all he wants to do! He had his first taste of cereal and apples around 4 months. We are officially at the teething stage; not fun. We cannot keep his hands out of his mouth and he’s becoming grabby as in mommy’s hair! Cash recently had his first water park experience and he did well. He people watched and napped with mommy most of the time though.

Birth mom visits. Our birth mom aka “belly mom” as she will be known as has had 2 visits since the day we left the hospital. Once in December and then we just met again in March. Each time it has been a pleasant experience. She has held him each time and you can see the love she has for him! As precious as those moments are, it’s heartbreaking too. She does have 3 other children and they all have met Cash. It is my sincere hope that one day they can come together and get to know each other.

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Apr 26, 2019

Cash is my favorite snuggle buddy in the nursery at church!

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