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Abortionist Hoards Dead Babies: Politicians Miss What's "Really Important"

Dear Friend,

An Indiana serial killer preserved and boxed up his victims’ bodies, storing them away in his Illinois garage. After the killer died, family members discovered the remains of thousands of babies while sorting his belongings.

You might be thinking it’s too bad someone didn’t know this guy was killing babies while he was still alive.

But, people did know.

Everyone who knew what Ulrich Klopfer did for a living already knew he killed babies.

And, for the most part, he did so legally, because he killed them before they were born.

The discovery of dead bodies in a former Indiana abortionist’s garage has seemingly outraged local politicians.

State Rep. Christy Stutzman said, “It is incumbent upon us to thoroughly look into this blatant breach of trust…We will not rest until justice is served and until steps are taken to make sure this atrocity never happens again.”

In other words, “We trusted Dr. Klopfer to throw the babies’ bodies away after he sucked them out of their mothers’ wombs, but instead, he kept them in his house. We need to make sure all babies who die at the hands of Indiana abortionists make it to the garbage.”

The state of Indiana trusts abortion doctors to follow the rules, and in return, the doctors can keep killing kids.

If a doctor promises to rip apart a pre-born child at the right stage of development, with clean murder weapons, and then dump the body in the right place, he can kill the baby.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s office is taking over the investigation into the remains found in Klopfer’s hoard. Hill promised on social media, “We are going to bring our babies home.”

How about we bring our babies home before they are dead.

The babies in Klopfer’s bags are dead because our law allows them to be killed.

Sure, Klopfer was shut down for violating child killing standards, but what about the abortionists who follow all of the rules?

Indiana Republicans are not outraged at Dr. Michael King, Dr. Jeffery Glazer, or Dr. Cassandra Cashman for aborting babies. Is it because they throw them away properly? I suppose these doctors have not breached Indiana’s trust yet.

Rep. Ben Smaltz is also concerned with aborted babies, now that they’re already dead. He said, “Now that we know these babies are from Indiana, it is important that we return them home to Hoosier ground where they will be handled respectfully and responsibly.”

Those children deserved to be handled respectfully and responsibly while they were still living, but Rep. Ben Smaltz refuses to end abortion in our state.

Smaltz, the Roe Tolerance Lobby, and other Indiana politicians looking to gain from Klopfer’s “breach of trust” are upset with how he disposed of the bodies more than the fact that he murdered innocent people for years under legal abortion laws.

They are mad at the serial killer because he broke the law and kept his trophies, but they should be outraged that unborn babies were not protected by law in the first place.

When campaign season rolls around, politicians will be using Klopfer’s story in an attempt to sound pro-life and earn your vote.

But, for three years in a row, Indiana Republicans have had the chance to protect every unborn baby at the moment of conception, and they refused to do it.

Rep. Ben Smaltz sided with Planned Parenthood each year and killed Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill, which would treat a pre-born baby as any other living individual.

More than 45 years of regulating child killing has proven to be an ineffective strategy to end abortion.

It’s time to quit passing laws dictating how to kill a child and dump his body and instead pass Protection at Conception.

Let’s quit trusting people who dismember babies for a living and instead make child killing illegal.

Let’s bring our babies home while they’re still alive.

If Indiana legislators find the improper disposal of aborted baby body parts horrific, yet they refuse to obliterate the atrocity of aborting babies, I think they need a reminder of what’s really important.

After all, the more folks who speak up, the louder our voices can be. And we must make our message clear: we want Indiana legislators to do their jobs and end abortion in our state.

It’s high time Indiana Republicans show some civility toward Hoosier babies and protect every child’s God-given right to live.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. A former Indiana abortionist hoarded dead babies in his garage. While improperly disposing of aborted babies is against the law, killing them the right way is not. It’s time to stop regulating how to kill babies and dump their remains and, instead, ban abortion altogether in our state.

Sign your Protection of Life Petition today, and make your voice heard to your elected officials.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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