• Amy Schlichter

Abortionist Hoards Dead Babies: Politicians Miss What's "Really Important"

Dear Friend,

An Indiana serial killer preserved and boxed up his victims’ bodies, storing them away in his Illinois garage. After the killer died, family members discovered the remains of thousands of babies while sorting his belongings.

You might be thinking it’s too bad someone didn’t know this guy was killing babies while he was still alive.

But, people did know.

Everyone who knew what Ulrich Klopfer did for a living already knew he killed babies.

And, for the most part, he did so legally, because he killed them before they were born.

The discovery of dead bodies in a former Indiana abortionist’s garage has seemingly outraged local politicians.

State Rep. Christy Stutzman said, “It is incumbent upon us to thoroughly look into this blatant breach of trust…We will not rest until justice is served and until steps are taken to make sure this atrocity never happens again.”