• Amy Schlichter

40,000 Petitions Support Abortion Ban: HB 1089

Dear Friend,

This is the moment we have all been fighting for!

After fighting the good fight for forty seven years, striving to save babies and help women, revealing the horrors of abortion, and educating the public about the true nature of Planned Parenthood, the moment the pro-life movement has been fighting for has finally arrived!

For the fourth year in a row, Rep. Curt Nisly has filed the Protection of Life bill, HB 1089, which treats the unborn like any other living individual.

Year after year, Rep. Nisly has proven to be a champion for pre-born babies, seeking to protect every unborn child, regardless of how or when an abortionist would kill them.

When other legislators at the Statehouse are courageous enough to pass this bill, every single Hoosier baby will be protected at the moment of conception.

So far, Establishment politicians have resisted and downright opposed saving every baby from the horror of abortion.

For the last three years, they, along with their friends in the Roe Tolerance Lobby, hatched plots to kill the Protection of Life bill, dooming thousands of Hoosier babies to death by abortion.

Rep. Nisly refuses to give up on these babies, and I’m not giving up either.

I am ever grateful for Representative Curt Nisly, who bravely stands for what is right, no matter what Republican establishment may throw at him. Rep. Nisly not only talks the pro-life talk, but he walks the pro-life walk. He has accomplished what no other lawmaker has before him and filed a bill which would end abortion in Indiana once and for all.

Rep. Nisly has done his job. The bill is in the hopper, and now our work begins.

In order to pass this bill, we need a fair hearing and a roll call vote.

With a roll call vote, constituents will know for sure which legislators stand with Planned Parenthood and which stand with the army of Hoosiers behind the Protection of Life bill.

We, the pro-life community in Indiana, have banded together to demand our Representatives uphold the Indiana Constitution, which recognizes a God given right to live!

Yesterday, I delivered 40,000 petitions to House Speaker Brian Bosma and Representative Ben Smaltz. These petitions represent pro-life voices across Indiana, demanding an end to legalized child killing in our state.

Just part of the stack!

Petitions waiting for House Speaker Brian Bosma

Since Bosma is reportedly plotting to kill the bill, and Smaltz has killed the Protection of Life bill three years in a row, these are just the two guys who need to hear from us.

We the people are not powerless, my friend. Our voices and our votes can be the tidal wave that drowns the abortion industry once and for all. Thousands and thousands of people in Indiana want to see an end to abortion, and that number only keeps growing.

Praying before delivering the petitions

But, believe it or not, there are still some people who have not heard about this historic bill.

Those 40,000 petitions will speak volumes, but I want our elected officials to hear from every pro-lifer in the state!

Here’s how you can help.

First, if you haven’t already had the chance to sign the Protection of Life petition, please sign your petition demanding a hearing and a vote on the Protection of Life bill right away.

After that, please do not wait—forward your petition on to all of your friends who will sign. A message will be sent directly to Republican leadership, letting them know you are part of the army of people demanding this bill be heard.

Lastly, while I am confident a hearing and a vote will expose the pro-aborts in pro-life clothing down at the Statehouse, I am sure there will be those who will fight with all of their might to make sure this bill dies. They feel safer when the bill dies in committee, without a vote, because then they can continue convincing voters they want to end abortion without going on record.

With our growing list of supporters, our voices will tell legislators we mean business. I hope you’ll consider chipping in $25, $50, or more to help me reach even more like-minded people with news about the Protection of Life bill. If that’s too much, even $10 or $15 would go a long way in reaching more people who could pressure our legislators to represent us well.

It’s time for Indiana Republicans to stop representing this Roe Tolerance Lobby and start representing the pro-life voters who put them in office. After all, a total ban on abortion is what we, the pro-life people of Indiana, have been fighting for all of these years. Our hard work has finally paid off and we are accepting no excuses.

Our message to elected officials