• Amy Schlichter

2021 List of Excuses to Keep Abortion Legal

Dear Friend of Life,

Today is Organization Day for the Indiana General Assembly. It’s the unofficial first day of the legislative season.

And it’s a day where the new Indiana Speaker of the House, Rep. Todd Huston, will instruct fellow House Republicans on what they should see as “really important.”

I, along with tens of thousands of supporters, believe saving all unborn babies from abortion is of the utmost importance.

With the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the High Court now has the pro-life majority that the Roe Tolerance Lobby swears we need before we can protect all babies.

Furthermore, Democrats are more motivated than ever to make abortion legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Child killing should NOT be legal, and there’s no better time than NOW to end the slaughter.

There are a couple of Representatives, like Rep. Curt Nisly, who agree and believe protecting the unborn is pressing, but the typical Establishment Politician has other ideas.

And they’ll spin lots of stories to try to sway you their way.

That’s why I’m releasing this List of Excuses to Keep Abortion Legal, which you will hear from the political class in 2021.

They will tell you they cannot pass our Protection of Life bill to end abortion in our state, and they’ll use this list of excuses.

List of Excuses to Keep Abortion Legal

  • It’s not the right time.

  • We need to make sure we have the support.

  • We STILL need more Supreme Court justices.

  • Protection of Life isn’t the right bill to challenge Roe.

  • Enforcing Covid restrictions is more important.

  • This will cost taxpayers too much money.

  • There’s not enough time because we’re focused on the budget.

  • We don’t want to undo all of our hard work.

  • If we pass this, it will make things worse.

  • I’m with you in principle, but you’re going about it the wrong way.

Sometimes, an Establishment Politician will go rogue and say something like, “It will be the wild, wild, west out there” if we end abortion in Indiana. Or, a “pro-life” Republican MIGHT threaten to fight the government if his wife were denied an abortion.

And sometimes, a member of the political class slips up and tells the truth: “We never plan to end abortion.”

Yes, my friend, politicians’ behavior is predictable--left to themselves, they will do little to nothing and they will feed you all kinds of excuses as to why they must remain inactive.

But, another predictable behavior of politicians is their response to voters.

If we, the pro-life community, make our voices heard, our elected officials will listen. We have changed their minds and their behavior before, and we can do it again.

That’s why we must not leave our elected officials to themselves. We must intervene and hold their feet to the fire.

And Hoosiers for Life has a plan.

First of all, we must let Indiana lawmakers know exactly what we want—and what we want is to save every last baby from the horror of abortion. We will not compromise on the lives of the innocent, and we will not back down until we have secured an unborn child’s God-given right to live.

Next, we need an up or down roll call vote on Protection of Life.

That way, we can see which legislators will protect the unborn and which will cave to Planned Parenthood’s demands to keep child killing legal.

Either way, we win, because if our pro-life legislators do their jobs and protect ALL preborn babies at conception, then abortion is ended in Indiana.

If our pro-life legislators do Planned Parenthood’s bidding and vote “no” on saving every baby from abortion, then voters will see who is really pro-life and who just said they were to earn votes. This is something politicians do NOT want to reveal, but it’s what we all deserve to know.

And, I will be keeping track and letting you know who votes yes for saving lives and who votes no.

Now, there are many steps to getting the roll call vote, and it will take a lot of hard work and persistence to move these reluctant politicians to action, but with your help, I know we can do it.

The first thing you can do is make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life Petition. Then, please forward the petition to three of your friends you know will sign.