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Bill to End Abortion Filed in Indiana


For Immediate Release

January 8th, 2019


Hoosiers for Life

Rep. Curt Nisly Files Abortion Ban in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS- For the third year in a row, Rep. Curt Nisly has filed the“Protection at Conception Bill,” which treats the unborn like any other living individual.

HB 1430 will make abortion illegal in Indiana and finally protect all unborn children from being murdered.

Year after year, Rep. Nisly has proven to be a champion for pre-born babies, seeking to protect every unborn child, regardless of how or when an abortionist would kill them.

Nisly stated today, “I am pleased how mainstream this approach has become across the country over the last few years. There are many other states that are considering protection of life legislation, and the federal government also had a bill last year that acquired 117 sponsors including 3 Congressman from Indiana.”

When other legislators at the Statehouse are courageous enough to pass this bill, every single Hoosier baby will be protected at the moment of conception.

Amy Schlichter, Hoosiers for Life Executive Director, stated today, “I am ever grateful for Representative Curt Nisly, who bravely stands for what is right, no matter what the Republican establishment may throw at him. Rep. Nisly not only talks the pro-life talk, but he walks the pro-life walk. He has accomplished what no other lawmaker has before him and filed a bill which would end abortion in Indiana once and for all.”

Schlichter continued, “We, the pro-life community in Indiana, have banded together to demand our Representatives uphold the Indiana Constitution, which recognizes a God given right to live and the protection of posterity, Nisly’s bill is a vehicle to do just that.”

Indiana has a vested interest in protecting its own citizens. Our legislators are not relieved of their responsibility to uphold the Constitution and protect a baby’s right to live and Rep. Nisly is leading the charge in this. He has stated how he expects the state of Indiana to treat their unborn and has proven to be the strongest pro-life advocate in the Indiana legislature.

Find out more about Rep. Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill by visiting


Hoosiers for Life's mission is to promote the protection of all innocent human life from conception to natural death.

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