• Amy Schlichter

More States Seek to End Abortion

Dear Friend of Life,

Protecting all babies at the moment of conception, without compromise or exception is our goal here in Indiana.

And we are not alone in our mission to save every baby from the horror of abortion.

Oklahoma Senator Joseph Silk recently filed a bill which would ban all abortions without exception.

Last year, a Texas legislator filed an abortion ban, and it has been projected he will do it again.

And that’s not all. Other states besides Texas and Oklahoma are seeking to draft legislation like Rep. Curt Nisly’s historic Protection at Conception Bill and have contacted Hoosiers for Life for help.

The Protection at Conception Bill would treat an unborn baby like any other baby under the law, offering our tiniest neighbors the protection they deserve.

For forty five years, children have been legally slaughtered in our country, and states across our great nation are stepping up and trying to save not just a few, but all of them.