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Memo Leaked: Don't save younger babies

MEMO LEAKED: Don’t save babies younger than 24 weeks gestation

Dear Friend of LIFE,

Organization Day was last week--the day where the newly elected General Assembly gathered to kick off the 2019 legislative session and congratulate their buddies on winning a seat at the Statehouse. Indiana Republicans are quite pleased with themselves since they have maintained their super majority.

The question I just have to ask is this: what will they do with it?

Most of the Republicans strutting around the marble hallways at the capitol campaigned as “pro-life” just a few short weeks ago.

And now, they have the ability to pass a bill to ban abortion, if they want to.

Will they do their jobs and protect all unborn babies at the moment of conception?

If House Speaker Brian Bosma and the rest of the political establishment have their way, the answer is NO.

In fact, the Republican establishment has instructed legislators NOT to support life saving legislation such as Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception Bill.

Ahead of Organization Day, the political establishment issued a memo warning law makers to avoid “problematic legislation” that would protect unborn babies under 24 weeks gestation.

The memo reads: “All potential legislation that prohibits pre-viable abortions should be avoided.”

According to the leaked memo, this is to be done in order to “gain popular support for the movement,” not to save any Hoosier babies.

If our elected officials follow the directives in this memo, pre-born babies will die, and Planned Parenthood will keep killing kids, business as usual.

Nearly 8,000 unborn children are murdered at the hand of abortionists every year in our state, and Indiana legislators have been warned not to try to save them.

Well, pro-life hero, Rep. Curt Nisly, is going to try to save them anyway.

Rep. Nisly has taken a stand against the establishment and filed a bill to end abortion two years in a row. House Speaker Brian Bosma threatened to kill the bill, and then Rep. Ben Smaltz did kill it—twice.

And now, Rep. Nisly has pledged to once again file legislation which would save ALL unborn babies from the horror of abortion, and the establishment is once again plotting to kill the bill.

My friends, we did not put our elected officials in office to do Planned Parenthood’s bidding and kill pro-life bills. Unborn babies have a God given right to live, and our Representatives have a duty to protect that life.

Help me hold Indiana politicians accountable to their pro-life promises by signing your Protection of Life Petition today. This will let your elected officials know you expect them to stand for LIFE, and it will remind them you are the reason they have a seat at the Statehouse.

Last year, your voice was loud enough to cause Bosma to release the bill he held hostage. When you speak up, your Representatives really do listen!

Representative Nisly will soon give Indiana legislators a chance to prove if they are truly pro-life or if they are just saying so to gain your vote.

Sign your Protection of Life Petition right now and nudge your Representatives in the right direction.

I’ll let you know when the Protection at Conception Bill is filed.

Until then, be watchful of legislation designed only to “gain momentum,” instead of saving lives.

For Life,

Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. The political establishment warned legislators to avoid any legislation which would save babies under 24 weeks gestation. This means our Representatives have been instructed NOT to support the Protection at Conception Bill, which would end abortion in Indiana.

Sign your Protection of Life Petition today and let your elected officials know they SHOULD support a bill to end abortion in Indiana.

I hope you’ll consider chipping in $5 or $10 to help Hoosiers for Life end abortion in Indiana.

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