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Gosnell and Indiana: the Common Link

Dear Friend of LIFE,

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

I watched the movie.

Once it was over, the audience stayed put, silent, through the end credits. I waited too. And no one left until the next screening began.

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell left quite an impression on everyone watching that night.

He was a late term abortionist in Philadelphia, and his practice can only be described as a house of horrors.

When his facility was raided in 2010 due to suspicions of illegal prescription drug activity there, investigators found a filthy environment, crawling with cats, and baby bodies everywhere.

Gosnell even stuffed baby remains into cat food containers.

Multiple complaints had been filed against this “women’s rights champion.” Turns out he was killing babies the state deemed too old to kill, and he was snipping babies’ necks after they were born. He botched up the mothers too.

Gosnell was brought to trial, and though he’d killed thousands of unborn babies over his career, he was only found guilty of murdering three—those the prosecutors could prove died after birth.

Because, according to Pennsylvania law, it is not murder to chop up boys and girls before they are born.

I’m glad Gosnell is off the streets. But he has hundreds of colleagues across the nation who rip up and suck out babies much younger than his own victims.

Yes, the conditions of Gosnell’s clinic were atrocious, but abortionists murdering children in an abortuary that sparkles and smells of disinfectant is nothing but a pit of vipers in a whitewashed tomb.

It’s not enough to only stop the dirty killers like Gosnell. We also need to stop the killers who keep their clinics clean.

We need to stop them all.

Whether or not the child has a detectable heartbeat or is aging into his second or third trimester of life, he has a God given right to live, and we should protect that life as soon as it begins.

Gosnell got away with murder for a long time because his unborn patients were not seen as human beings worthy of protection.

Babies killed in sanitary rooms, by abortion doctors who follow the rules, with their bodies disposed of “humanely,” still deserve our protection.

Planned Parenthood would have you believe it’s acceptable for abortionists to take the life of an unborn child, as long as the conditions are relatively safe for their mothers.

But this only takes one patient into account. We must not forget about the babies who die every day at the hand of a hygienic, law abiding abortionist.

There is a way to stop these killers too and end the slaughter of our pre-born neighbors.

Rep. Curt Nisly has pledged to file the Protection at Conception Bill once again in the upcoming legislative session.

Since Election Day is just around the corner, many Republicans are busy campaigning now, likely promising voters they are “pro-life.”

When your local politician comes around asking for your vote, ask them if they support the

Protection at Conception Bill. Once elected, your Representative will have the chance to save ALL of the babies, not just SOME or even MOST of the babies. Tell them that’s what you expect them to do.

I’m paying attention this election season, and once the legislative session begins, you better believe I will be watching to see what Rep. Nisly’s fellow legislators decide to do with the bill that will protect all unborn babies from the savagery of abortion.

After all, Kermit Gosnell isn’t the only serial unborn baby killer in America. Abortionists in Indiana are killing babies every day too. And the time has come for that to end.

Let’s make Indiana the first state to protect all pre-born babies at the moment of conception.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. Abortionist Kermit Gosnell ran a house of horrors in Pennsylvania, and while I’m glad he’s off the streets, his colleagues kill babies in clean Indiana abortion clinics on a daily basis. It’s time for all of the babies to be saved! The Protection at Conception Bill, which Rep. Nisly has pledged to file this upcoming legislative session, will do just that.

When campaigning politicians ask for your support this election season, ask them if they support the strongest piece of pro-life legislation ever filed in the state of Indiana—the Protection at Conception Bill. Tell them, if they’re elected, you expect them to do their job and protect all unborn babies from abortion.

I am committed to holding our elected officials accountable to their pro-life promises. If you want to help me educate more Hoosiers on the behavior of Indiana politicians, chip in $10 or $5 today.

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