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We Don't Trade Lives

Dear Friend of Life,

We don’t trade lives.

This is the message an Indiana pastor is sharing on behalf of his pre-born neighbors.

In a recent blog post, Pastor Derin Stidd of Aletheia Church recalls the line in the latest Avengers movie, Infinity Wars, noting how Steve Rogers (Captain America), refuses to sacrifice one person to save the rest. Pastor Derin writes:

" a certain point Rogers and another character named Vision are trying to figure out a resolution to the big problem in the story. Vision has a plan, but it requires them to sacrifice one person, and if they do that then they can save a lot of lives. As they are working through the plan together, eventually Rogers settles the discussion by simply and plainly stating 'We don’t trade lives.' And that’s it. The plan is squashed, and from there they begin to work on another solution.

Take just a brief moment and consider the worldview that undergirds that statement. He rejects the utilitarian view that we should sacrifice some lives at the expense of saving others and instead begins with the premise that each life has inherent value, and therefore, the individual should not be put on the auction block, regardless of how many other lives it may save."

Pastor Derin goes on to acknowledge how babies are STILL dying in Indiana, due to failed strategies in the Indiana legislature:

For far too long, the leaders of the pro life movement and of the political establishment in the Republican party here in Indiana have been willing to make compromises that sacrifice some lives in order to potentially save a few others. As a direct result of this failed strategy every single day in the state of Indiana 20 babies are slaughtered in their mother's womb.”

He’s right. Despite a super majority in the Indiana Statehouse and an army of Hoosiers seeking an end to abortion in our state, the Republican establishment refuses to stop the slaughter. Instead, these so-called “pro-life” politicians have killed bills which would save all the babies two years in a row. And abortion numbers are climbing.

Recognizing the failure of our Representatives, Pastor Derin calls for an end to legalized child killing:

Friend, isn’t it time for us to start demanding policies and legislation that more consistently reflects our principles? Isn’t it time to stop trading lives through the unjust practice of regulating abortion? Isn’t it time for the leaders in our state to get behind the Protection at Conception Act, and end this holocaust in our state?

Indeed, it is time for our elected officials to do their jobs and protect ALL unborn babies at the moment of conception. And thanks to pro-life hero Rep. Curt Nisly, they will have another chance to do the right thing in 2019.

Here at Hoosiers for Life, we are already preparing for the upcoming legislative session, when Rep. Nisly will once again put forth this life saving legislation and give other “pro-life” legislators the opportunity to protect unborn children from Indiana abortionists.

With babies lives on the line, it is important we let our elected officials know how we feel about abortion and remind them what we put them in office to do. One way you can make your voice heard is to sign your Protection of Life Petition. If you’ve already signed, you can forward the petition to three friends who will sign too. It’s not too early to speak up, and trust me, when you speak up, they really do listen!

Another way to help is to pitch in $10 or $5. Every dollar you give goes toward helping us end abortion in Indiana, and even a little bit can go a long way.

I’m thankful for your support and everything you do for Hoosier babies. Because of your hard work, we have been able to change the climate in the Indiana Statehouse and start a conversation about ending abortion once and for all.

And I am thankful for leaders like Pastor Derin who speak up for the unborn.

Together, we will fight until all pre-born babies have protection at conception.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Pastor Derin Stidd of Aletheia Church recently wrote THIS article about how we should not sacrifice some lives to potentially save others. I am thankful for supporters like Pastor Derin who advocate for Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception Bill on behalf of their pre-born neighbors.

Please make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life Petition.

After that, please consider chipping in $10 or $5 to help us end abortion in Indiana.

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