• Amy Schlichter

But the Courts Will Never Approve

Dear Friend of Life,

One of the common excuses I hear for not saving babies is, “But the courts will never approve it.”

This is not a valid reason for failing to act on Protection at Conception, and let me show you why.

First, legislators need to do their jobs and protect life as they pledged to do during their campaigns. The legislature is a separate and distinct branch from the courts in our constitutional republic.

When legislators use the courts as an excuse to not save babies, they are essentially saying, “Since the courts aren’t doing their jobs of ruling for life, I don’t want to pass bills to protect life.”

Think of your own place of work. Just because somebody else is not doing their job, you do not have a valid excuse to slack off on your own work.

The second reason this “courts will never approve it” excuse is foolish is it claims a knowledge of the future.

You see, a law such as Protection at Conception would generally take from 2-5 years for any litigation to be heard in district courts, appeals courts, and a supreme court