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Indiana Abortion Rates are Rising

BREAKING: 2017 Termination Report Reveals Abortion Rates are Climbing

Dear Friend of LIFE,

This is news I dread sharing with you.

Abortion rates are climbing.

The Indiana State Department of Health has released its 2017 termination report, and it shows abortionists murdered 500 more babies in 2017 than they did in 2016.

Not only that, but 27 of those precious children were second trimester babies.

Rep. Ben Smaltz told you during his primary election campaign he has helped abortion rates decline.

But during legislative session he sided with Planned Parenthood and actually helped the body count rise.

When will enough be enough?

Unborn children are NOT safe in our state.

Republican leadership wants to pretend what they’re doing is working, but the fact is, regulating how many paper towels should be in the abortion mill bathrooms doesn’t save a single baby.

Children are still dying every day. And now, the number of kids killed by abortion is going up.

With the abortion death toll rising, we MUST do something to fight back.

And you know what? Hoosiers for Life IS fighting back.

We are on the front lines at the Women’s Med Center and Merrillville Planned Parenthood. Our volunteers work tirelessly, offering help and pleading with women to have mercy on their babies. My friend, these are the only clinics in Indiana where the number of babies killed went DOWN.

Our mission is to protect all babies at the moment of conception, and we will not stop until every pre-born child is safe in Indiana, but until those stubborn politicians do their jobs and end child killing in our state, Hoosiers for Life will keep making a difference in the lives of moms and children out there.

Yes, we are saving babies on the streets, but our goal is to save them all.

And there’s no better time to end the slaughter of the innocent than NOW.

It’s time to pass Protection at Conception and stop Planned Parenthood in its tracks. It’s time to take the body count to zero.

During the next legislative session, Rep. Curt Nisly will once again author the Protection at Conception Bill, which would effectively end abortion in our state. We are already gearing up for the battle, but it is going to take serious resources to keep these politicians in check and to fight Planned Parenthood, who is surely rejoicing over the increase in dead babies last year.

That’s why I hope you’ll chip in $50 or more to help us end abortion once and for all in Indiana. I know that’s a lot of money, and some of you can’t afford that right now. But even $25 would go a long way in our battle for the pre-born.

For those of you who would like to pitch in more, you can sponsor a Stand for Life event for $100. These are held outside of area abortion clinics to help women, save babies, and educate people on abortion issues.

But again, if that’s too much for you, a gift of $10 or $5 would help too.

Thank you so much for supporting Hoosiers for Life, the only no-compromise anti-abortion group in the state. Because of you, politicians are starting to listen, and I know one day, we will no longer need “termination reports” because there will be no more legalized child killing in Indiana.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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