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Jeremiah's Dying Wish

Dear Friend of LIFE,

Sixteen year old Jeremiah Thomas had just one wish. He could’ve visited Disney World. He could’ve met his favorite sports star or his favorite band. But Jeremiah wanted to leave a legacy.

And so, when the Make a Wish Foundation offered Jeremiah a wish, do you know what this teenager battling bone cancer said?

He said his wish is to end abortion in his home state of Texas.

It is not something a typical teenager would choose, but Jeremiah Thomas is anything but typical.

Before cancer, Jeremiah ministered at area abortion clinics, preaching and pleading with women to have mercy on their babies. When cancer stole his ability to walk, Jeremiah said, “Then I’ll just preach from my wheelchair.”

The monstrous disease throws obstacle after devastating obstacle into Jeremiah’s path, and yet, he presses on in the battle for his life. This young man is a fighter, and not only is he fighting for his own life, but he intends to fight for innocent unborn babies until he takes his last breath.

Recently, Jeremiah spoke with Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, and told him his wish is to see abortion ended in the state of Texas before he passes. The governor let Jeremiah know his wish was now part of the Republican platform and ending abortion in Texas is on the agenda for the 2019 legislative session. “Jeremiah,” he said, “your wish is granted.”

Jeremiah beamed when he heard this promise. I hope our Texas friends hold their elected officials accountable and make sure they follow through with ending abortion in the Lone Star State. What a day that will be!

The Thomas family does not know how much time they have left with Jeremiah. What they do know is barring a miracle from God, Jeremiah will not be here much longer.

This young man knows when his time on earth is through and he steps from this world into the next, he will have eternity to explore a kingdom so much more glorious than any “Magic Kingdom” he could visit on earth. He will have eternity to embrace a Creator so much wiser and greater than any celebrity he could meet here. He will join in the never ending chorus, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty,” which will outperform any band on any stage in the world.

Jeremiah wanted to do something that matters—for other people— while he still can.

And that, my friend, is love.

May we all love our pre-born neighbors with such selfless love as Jeremiah Thomas.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. The Make a Wish Foundation asked sixteen year old Jeremiah Thomas, who is battling an aggressive bone cancer, what wish they could grant for him. He said his wish was for abortion to be abolished in his home state of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott promised Jeremiah to end abortion in Texas.

To listen to Jeremiah speak with Governor Greg Abbott, go HERE.

How do YOU feel about abortion? Make your voice heard HERE.

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