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Pro-lifers Save Mom and Baby

Dear Friends of LIFE,

Jackie* stumbled through the Women’s Med Center door and hunched in the dirty mulch outside the Indianapolis abortion clinic. Gagging, she hung her head between her knees, allowing streams of drool to splatter the ground between her feet. She wore snow boots, even though it was a sticky 90-degrees. Sidewalk counselors called out to her, but she struggled to answer, and soon, she lay down in the dirt. Something was clearly wrong.

After some time, Jackie managed to shuffle over to sidewalk counselors, who offered water and granola bars. They asked what happened inside the clinic and Jackie said, “They made me leave. I had to lay down in the waiting room because I’m so sick. They told me I’m bothering everyone and being loud so I had to go.”

Although the so-called medical professionals inside the child killing center did not recognize Jackie’s medical emergency and kicked her out into the scorching summer afternoon to fend for herself, the pro-lifers outside of the clinic knew right away she needed help.

And it’s a good thing they did. ER doctors told them later Jackie would’ve died had they not brought her in.

Abortion providers will tell you they care about women. They will insist they care about the entirety of a woman’s health, and the money they make from providing their “services” is not what motivates them. While we already know these things are not true, there are many young women who believe these lies and are harmed.

Jackie is one of those women harmed by the malpractice of an abortion provider. She was already the mother of a toddler, and she was stuck in an abusive relationship with no money to take care of herself or her already born son. She was so sick she couldn’t eat or even drink sips of water without throwing up. Abortion felt like her only option.

Jackie was at Women’s Med for her state mandated counseling appointment and fell ill due to her pregnancy and the fact that she wasn’t receiving adequate prenatal care. Inside the clinic, she could barely stand and constantly gagged or dry heaved. Instead of helping Jackie or being compassionate, the clinic workers told her she had to leave because she was too loud and her sickness was disturbing the other guests.

Outside of the clinic, Jackie sat on the ground because she couldn’t walk and her ride had left her there alone.

At the hospital, Jackie was found to be severely dehydrated and malnourished, due to the inability to keep any food or water down. Her potassium levels were dangerously low, and doctors told Jackie, “You’re lucky you got here when you did.”

Jackie had to stay a couple of days, but the community of sidewalk counselors was there through it all, providing child care for her toddler while she was sick and offering help with her living situation. They also helped with rides to work and doctor appointments once Jackie was released from the hospital.

Pro-life advocates helped Jackie realize abortion would not solve her problems but would instead make them worse. Jackie saw pictures of abortion victims and told sidewalk counselors, “I can’t do that to my baby.” And she didn’t. Today, she has a beautiful baby girl.

The abortion industry does NOT care about women. When they saw Jackie as a threat to their profits, they got rid of her. Real doctors and nurses help sick people. They don’t toss them aside so they can kill more babies.

If abortion were illegal, Jackie would’ve sought proper medical attention from a doctor dedicated to helping mothers and pre-born babies instead of seeking to have her child killed.

Abortion is not the solution.

To truly help women, we must end abortion and help them out of the situations that lead them to seek it.

There should be no option for legal child killing.

I’m so thankful sidewalk counselors were there to help Jackie. But, I look forward to the day where the doors to every abortion “clinic” will be closed forever. A day where moms can’t walk into a building and hire someone to suction their children from their wombs. A day where every unborn baby is protected at the moment of conception.

Friends, we are making headway here in Indiana. For the first time, a conversation is being had in our state about ending abortion once and for all, and it’s all because you have spoken up loudly and clearly to your state legislators demanding they protect ALL unborn babies at the moment of conception.

The Protection at Conception Bill has more support than ever, but we want even MORE people to know about this life saving legislation. After all, the more who speak up, the better our elected officials will listen!

There are three things you can do to help spread the word:

  1. Make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life Petition.

  2. Forward the petition to three of your friends you know will sign.

  3. Chip in $10 or $15 so we can reach more Hoosiers like you.

Momentum is building to end the slaughter once and for all, and I want every single pro-life Hoosier on board to fight Planned Parenthood for the lives of our children. That’s why I hope if there’s one thing you can do, it will be to make sure you and all of your friends have signed your Protection of Life Petition right away.

When we end the abortion holocaust in our state, we will not only be saving the lives of thousands of Hoosier babies each year, but we will also be protecting women like Jackie from the consequences of ending their own babies’ lives.

Thank you so much for your support. I’m honored to work alongside folks like you to protect our pre-born neighbors.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. Jackie* was kicked out of an abortion clinic for being too sick and disrupting other patients. Thankfully, pro-life sidewalk counselors were there to rush her to the hospital. They not only saved Jackie’s life, but they also saved the life of her pre-born baby.

The Protection at Conception Bill, which would protect all unborn babies at the moment of conception, is gaining momentum in Indiana. But, we want every pro-life advocate to know about the bill so we can build an even bigger army to fight Planned Parenthood, protect women like Jackie, and save every unborn child from the horror of abortion.

Make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life Petition, and then forward the petition to three of your friends to sign.

After that, please consider pitching in $10 or $15 to help us end abortion in Indiana.

How do you feel about abortion? Take the poll and voice your opinion HERE.

*name changed to protect identity

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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