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Ireland to Legalize Murder

Dear Friend, I watched a disturbing video clip this week. In it, a roaring crowd dances, cheers, even sobs in the streets, after Ireland announces voting results to repeal an amendment banning abortion. The people of Ireland have voted in favor of killing their own children. The mob of pro-aborts nearly swoons over its forthcoming freedom to murder pre-born Irish babies, without having to bother with breaking the law. Since the referendum passed, legislation to regulate abortion is expected to be drafted by the end of the year, and murder will be legal in Ireland. Those advocating for repeal argued, among other things, “We have to make abortion legal, because women are having abortions anyway.” Pro-aborts lamented having to fly to Britain to kill their children. Or, they had to break the law and purchase child killing pills online. Planned Parenthood wants you to feel sorry for women who have to pay money, take more time off of work, fly to another country, and make an effort to kill their offspring. My friends, it should not be easy to murder your own baby. It should be difficult to dismember your unborn child and throw him in the trash can. Just because some people choose to break existing law doesn’t mean we should change the law so they are no longer breaking it. Instead of making it easier for women to kill their own children, Ireland, and any country for that matter, should protect unborn humans, no matter how insistent women are on the ability to freely kill them. Tragically, Ireland will now join America in making it easy to murder pre-born babies. And, in facilitating child murder, the Irish people have shown not only their hatred for their pre-born neighbors, but also hatred toward women. Clearing the way for women to murder their own children is quite unloving toward abortion minded mothers. It is in anyone’s best interest to refrain from killing innocent people. And, of course, it is in the child’s best interest to live and not die. In our home state of Indiana, abortion is legal even for late term babies. Most abortions in Indiana happen within the first trimester, but given special permission, mothers can visit hospitals to have their older babies killed. Nearly 8,000 babies die from abortion in Indiana every single year. And that’s 8,000 too many. Watching the pro-aborts in Ireland shout and cry and celebrate over their freedom to kill kids makes me want to fight even harder to protect Hoosier babies. Every human life is valuable, and we have a duty to protect our pre-born neighbors’ God-given right to live. There is a way to protect ALL Hoosier babies from the horror of abortion—the Protection at Conception Bill. If you haven’t heard about this historic legislation, authored by pro-life hero Rep. Curt Nisly, this video will give you more information. We may not be able to influence Irish lawmakers to make right decisions, but we certainly have the ability to influence our Indiana State legislators. As you speak up, they really do listen! So, please sign your petition letting elected officials know you support protecting all unborn babies at the moment of conception. After that, please forward the petition to three of your friends, asking them to sign. The more people who speak up, the louder our voices will be. And when our legislators start rolling back into Indy for the next legislative session, I hope they will find stacks of petitions waiting for them from pro-lifers across the state demanding an end to child killing in Indiana. I also hope you’ll consider chipping in $5 or $10 to help us reach even more people with our vital message. Not only do we advocate for life saving legislation to protect our unborn neighbors, but we also hold legislators accountable and inform Indiana residents when politicians break their pro-life promises. When you pitch in, you’re also helping me expose anti-life politicians in Indiana. Although Ireland has joined America in legalizing child killing, I am hopeful for the future of Indiana posterity. As we keep pressuring lawmakers to do their jobs and protect the unborn, they will eventually feel the heat and do what’s right. Our state can be an example to the rest of the country and to the world. Thank you for standing up for your pre-born neighbors. For LIFE, Amy Schlichter Exeutive Director Hoosiers for Life P.S. Tragically, Ireland recently voted in favor of legalizing child killing. While we cannot influence Irish law, we certainly can impact our local elected officials. Please sign your Protection of Life Petition  right away to show your support for protecting all unborn humans at the moment of conception. After that, forward the petition to three of your friends asking them to sign. Finally, I  hope you’ll chip in $5 or $10 to help us share our vital message with even more Hoosiers.

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