• Amy Schlichter

Shocking! Rep. Smaltz Chooses Sides: What He Doesn't Want You to Know

Indiana’s May 8th primary election is only days away!

I know the end of the primary season can get sticky, and it can be challenging to wade through the pool of information in front of you with so many candidates looking for your support.

When it comes to an unborn child’s God given right to live, all Republicans say the same thing: “I am pro-life.”

But are they really?

What choice will they make when they could end abortion in Indiana once and for all?

Rep. Curt Nisly made history back in 2017 when he first authored the Protection at Conception Bill, legislation that would protect thousands of unborn Hoosier babies from death by abortion.

And with the launch of a bill to end child killing in our state, a certain group found Curt Nisly and his bill quite threatening. <