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Shocking! Rep. Smaltz Chooses Sides: What He Doesn't Want You to Know

Indiana’s May 8th primary election is only days away!

I know the end of the primary season can get sticky, and it can be challenging to wade through the pool of information in front of you with so many candidates looking for your support.

When it comes to an unborn child’s God given right to live, all Republicans say the same thing: “I am pro-life.”

But are they really?

What choice will they make when they could end abortion in Indiana once and for all?

Rep. Curt Nisly made history back in 2017 when he first authored the Protection at Conception Bill, legislation that would protect thousands of unborn Hoosier babies from death by abortion.

And with the launch of a bill to end child killing in our state, a certain group found Curt Nisly and his bill quite threatening.

Yes, my friends, while Nisly earned the trust and admiration of countless pro-life Indiana residents, the Protection at Conception Bill also became a threat to those seeking to keep abortion safe and legal.

The introduction of this life saving legislation initiated a backlash from the pro-aborts who wanted to keep killing kids.

Planned Parenthood HATED Protection at Conception.

After all, if the bill were to pass, it would mean no more dead babies, no more baby body parts, no more abortions—Planned Parenthood would be forced to actually help women or close up shop.

In order to defeat the bill which would save the babies, Planned Parenthood formed an alliance with other pro-aborts to fight it. They rallied at the Statehouse, asking legislators to ensure Protection at Conception did not pass. They gathered petitions from pro-abortion folks and delivered them to the governor. (You can watch a video from their rally here.)

Meanwhile, the Protection at Conception Bill lingered on House Speaker Brian Bosma’s desk, waiting for him to either kill it or assign it to a committee. After pressure from pro-life Hoosiers like you, Bosma released the hostage bill and planted it in the House Public Policy Committee, chaired by Rep. Ben Smaltz.

Now, Ben Smaltz had a decision to make. Would he side with pro-lifers across the state to end abortion in Indiana once and for all, or would he side with Planned Parenthood to keep abortion safe and legal?

Smaltz made his choice quite clear: he would stand with Planned Parenthood.

Ben Smaltz REFUSED to give the Protection at Conception Bill a fair hearing and a vote, effectively killing it.

The pro-aborts claimed victory, Planned Parenthood cheered, and they were so excited Smaltz killed the bill, the abortion giant thanked him on Facebook!

And just when you think it can’t get any worse than Planned Parenthood publicly praising a Republican legislator for killing pro-life bills, it does.

Ben Smaltz didn’t just kill Protection at Conception once—he killed it TWICE.

Yes, for two years in a row, Smaltz used his power as Chair of the House Public Policy Committee to kill pro-life legislation that would have saved 8,000 Hoosier babies each year.

Ben Smaltz has proven himself to be hostile to the unborn.

Through radio and newspaper interviews, Smaltz made public statements contrary to the cause of our pre-born neighbors.

First, Ben told journalists ending abortion would “set the pro-life movement back” and be “catastrophic” to the pro-life cause.

Then, Smaltz stated he believes abortion is a constitutional right and putting an end to it is a radical idea.

Not only that, but he also declared he would fight the government if his wife wanted an abortion and couldn’t get one.

My friend, the truth is this: Ben Smaltz never intends to end abortion in Indiana.

He keeps telling voters he is pro-life. But, when he had the chance to hear a bill to end state sanctioned child killing, he REFUSED and buried it instead.

Indiana code already notes that life begins at conception, and I know you believe every single child is valuable and worthy of our protection.

It’s time for legislators to take notice, do their jobs, and protect ALL Hoosier babies.

So many of these politicians sound the same. They all promise they are pro-life, but once they think no one is watching, they do things that are actually dangerous to the pro-life cause, like side with Planned Parenthood and kill pro-life bills.

You deserve to know the truth about elected officials’ positions.

That’s why I’m keeping a record of what politicians do both on and off the campaign trail.

And I know I just delivered a whole lot of bad news to those of you living in House District 52.

But there is also good news for District 52. Republican Candidate William Carlin has returned his Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey 100% pro-life, pledging to author/co-author/push for a vote on the Protection at Conception Bill.

You can find a partial list of other candidates who surveyed 100% HERE. If you don’t see your district, go HERE and we will let you know how candidates in your area responded.

I hope you’ll consider sharing this message with your friends, so even more people can be informed about what their elected officials and candidates are up to.

Trust me, when you speak up, politicians can hear you, and there is no better time to lobby them than when they’re hoping for your support at election time.

So, when you find a candidate who will fight to protect all babies at the moment of conception, give them a call and thank them for their pro-life stance. Urge them to stand strong in their convictions both now and after the election is over.

With babies’ lives at stake, NOW is the time to act.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. Rep. Ben Smaltz claims to be pro-life, but while in office, he did what Planned Parenthood asked him to do and killed bills to end abortion. He also made public statements contrary to the cause of the pre-born.

Republican Candidate, William Carlin, has answered his Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey 100% pro-life and pledged to author/co-author/push for a vote on strong pro-life legislation.

Have you signed your Protection of Life Petition? If not, make sure you do so HERE and let Indiana leadership you want to end abortion in Indiana.

After that, please consider chipping in $5 or $10 to help us hold legislators’ feet to the fire and protect unborn babies.

Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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