• Amy Schlichter

Who Pledges to Protect LIFE?

Dear Friend of LIFE,

The May 8th Indiana primary election is just one week away and Hoosiers across the state have been contacting me to find out where candidates in their area stand on an unborn baby’s fundamental right to live.

We all know there’s a grave difference between those politicians who talk the pro-life talk during election season but walk the pro-abort walk during the legislative session.

Some of these fake “pro-lifers” will even go so far as to protest Planned Parenthood when they want the pro-life vote, even though they kill bills to end abortion while in office.

Pro-lifers in Indiana want to know which candidates are making it their mission to go to Indy and protect innocent children from abortion.

That’s why I sent the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey to candidates throughout Indiana—to see who is willing to go on record and pledge to protect life at the moment of conception.

And I want to share with you some good news from my stack of surveys.

First of all, Representative Curt Nisly from House District 22, the h