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Who Pledges to Protect LIFE?

Dear Friend of LIFE,

The May 8th Indiana primary election is just one week away and Hoosiers across the state have been contacting me to find out where candidates in their area stand on an unborn baby’s fundamental right to live.

We all know there’s a grave difference between those politicians who talk the pro-life talk during election season but walk the pro-abort walk during the legislative session.

Some of these fake “pro-lifers” will even go so far as to protest Planned Parenthood when they want the pro-life vote, even though they kill bills to end abortion while in office.

Pro-lifers in Indiana want to know which candidates are making it their mission to go to Indy and protect innocent children from abortion.

That’s why I sent the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey to candidates throughout Indiana—to see who is willing to go on record and pledge to protect life at the moment of conception.

And I want to share with you some good news from my stack of surveys.

First of all, Representative Curt Nisly from House District 22, the hero of the pro-life movement in Indiana, has once again pledged to author the Protection at Conception Bill, which would end abortion in our state.

Nisly has withstood intense scrutiny from Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry, including anti-life politicians who believe killing unborn babies is a constitutional right. Nevertheless, Rep. Nisly is determined to keep fighting to protect our pre-born neighbors.

However, Rep. Nisly’s opponent, Kim Cates, REFUSES to return her Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey. But that is not surprising since she OPPOSES legislation which would end abortion in Indiana. In opposing this legislation, Cates is refusing to protect the lives of 8,000 pre-born babies every year from abortion.

The next piece of good news comes from William Carlin of House District 52, a principled man of conservative values, who has challenged the infamous Planned Parenthood legislator, Ben Smaltz. Carlin answered our survey at 100% pro-life, pledging to protect all innocent babies at the moment of conception.

Smaltz, on the other hand, REFUSES to answer our survey! He is spending his race trying to convince the whole state he is pro-life, but the evidence points otherwise.

Smaltz is dangerous to the pro-life movement.

He has failed Hoosiers on a number of conservative fronts, but earning praise from Planned Parenthood for killing pro-life bills was the icing on the cake.

Next up is Eric Orr of Senate District 19. Eric Orr also answered our Candidate Survey at 100% pro-life and has pledged to author the Protection at Conception Bill in the Indiana Senate.

His opponent Travis Holdman, however, is REFUSING to return his Candidate Survey. In not returning his survey, Holdman REFUSES to go on record with his pro-life stance and REFUSES to support legislation which would protect ALL unborn children from the savagery of abortion.

And finally, here are just a few other survey results we wanted to share with you. The candidates on the following list have all gone on record and pledged to support life at conception. Not only that, but they’ve pledged to author, co-author, or push for a vote on the Protection at Conception Bill.

Their opponents either refused to answer the survey or answered in a way that was not satisfactory to protecting Indiana’s preborn.

This is not a full list, so if you do not see your district here, then let us know at

Enter in your area and we will check on your legislator for you!

100% Surveyed with Hoosiers for Life on Protection at Conception:

Eric Orr of Senate District 19

Mike Delph of Senate District 29

Crystal LaMotte of Senate District 31

Jesse Bohannon of House District 17

Russell Reahard of House District 18

Curt Nisly of House District 22

J.D. Prescott of House District 33

Jess Norton of House District 44

Kevin Gipson of House District 49

William Carlin of House District 52

Luke Campbell of House District 57

Ryan Lauer of House District 59

Nancy Franke of House District 69

My friend, the battle ahead is not an easy one. Pro-aborts deeply treasure their ability to walk into clean clinics for safe abortions. Planned Parenthood will fight viciously to keep their suction machines going and their baby body parts cash flowing.

And they won’t quit unless we force them to.

While the pro-abortion crowd would have you believe it’s impossible to stop Planned Parenthood from killing kids, the truth is the Republican supermajority in the Indiana Statehouse could abolish abortion if they really wanted to.

The good news is, there are folks out there who are willing to battle with us to end abortion instead of with Planned Parenthood to keep baby killing legal.

Yes, I know the war for a pre-born child’s right to live will be a difficult one, but the fight we must endure is worth it. Because once it’s over and we win, there will be no more babies legally slain at the hand of Indiana abortion doctors.

The pro-life community in Indiana longs for the day when Planned Parenthood will close its doors for good.

That’s why I’m dedicated to keeping you informed about the true positions of our elected officials and candidates. And there’s no better time to lobby them than when they’re seeking your support at election time.

So, if you find a candidate in your area who is willing to start right here in Indiana to put an end to the 45 year abortion holocaust in America, call them and thank them for their pro-life stance and insist they hold firm to their pro-life convictions, both on and off the campaign trail.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

Hoosiers for Life

P.S. With the May 8th Indiana primary election just one week away, Indiana residents want to know which candidates in their area have pledged to protect all unborn babies at the moment of conception.

Rep. Curt Nisly of House District 22, William Carlin of House District 52, and Eric Orr from Senate District 19 have all answered the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey at 100% pro-life.

They have all also pledged to author or co-author the Protection at Conception Bill, which would end abortion in Indiana.

The list above is not complete, so if you don’t see your district on the list, go HERE and we will check on your legislator for you.

Make sure you've signed your Protection of Life Petition.

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