• Amy Schlichter

Planned Parenthood's Favorite Republican?

Dear Friend of LIFE,

Planned Parenthood doesn’t usually like Republicans, but there is at least one member of the GOP who recently earned their praise—Rep. Ben Smaltz.

Smaltz earned a public thank you from the abortion giant for his actions against the unborn.

After Ben Smaltz killed a bill to end abortion in the committee he chairs, Planned Parenthood took to Facebook to urge cheers for Smaltz.

Killing bills to end abortion seems to be a pattern for the House District 52 incumbent.

Smaltz has repeatedly used his position as Chair of the House public Policy Committee to block consideration of Protection at Conception bills which would save 8,000 unborn Hoosiers each year from the savagery of abortion.

And so, it is not surprising that Ben Smaltz REFUSES to go on record with his views on abortion.

I recently sent the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey to candidates across the state, but I never received a response from Ben Smaltz.