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Politicians Double-talk

Dear Friend of LIFE,

With only three weeks left before the May 8th election, it’s prime time for candidates to look good for the cameras and attend a pancake breakfast or ride along with a snow plow driver to convince you they are the best man or woman for the job.

While some Indiana residents only care about what fundraising dinner their candidate attended, many others care about their 8,000 pre-born neighbors who will die at Indiana abortion clinics this year and what, if anything, the “pro-life” Republican intends to do to save them.

Yes, a growing number of Hoosiers are asking candidates what their intentions are regarding unborn babies in our state.

With a smile, Republican candidates assure voters they care about babies and will “do all they can” to protect the unborn.

For decades, pro-life lip service has been enough for legislators to get by in Indiana.

But not anymore.

I am asking candidates around the state: what is your plan to end abortion once and for all?

Despite 45 years for pro-life promises, babies are still dying.

Planned Parenthood and Rep. Ben Smaltz would have you believe there is nothing that could be done to end abortion.

We know where Planned Parenthood stands—they just want to keep killing kids.

But “pro-life” Republican Ben Smaltz’s language seems to change with the weather.

Right now, Smaltz is campaigning as “pro-life.” But take a look at his other statements:

January/2017: “If my wife is on the table [for an abortion] and the government comes in and

says 'no,' there's going to be a fight” (1).

January/2017: Ending abortion would be “catastrophic to the (pro-life) cause” (2).

January/2017: Passing a bill to end abortion would “set the pro-life movement

back” (3).

February/2018: Affirmed his belief in abortion as a constitutional right (4).

March/2018: Received endorsement from Congressman who voted to fund Planned Parenthood (5).

Since sometimes Smaltz says he is pro-life and sometimes he sounds like he’s not, we need to take a look at what he did with the bill that would’ve ended legalized child killing in the state of Indiana.

The bill was placed in Smaltz’s Public Policy committee, and despite pressure from his district, he REFUSED to give the bill a hearing and a vote, effectively killing it, two years in a row.

Actions DO speak louder than words, and what Smaltz says during campaign season (I am pro-life) does not match up to what he does during legislative session (kills bills to end abortion).

Ben Smaltz wants you to believe he is pro-life, but then, when it comes time to act on his so-called “pro-life” principles, he delivers nothing but excuses for why abortion must remain safe and legal.

Twenty two times a day in Indiana an abortionist rips the arms and legs off of a living pre-born child and sucks his dead body piece by piece from his mother’s womb.

Enough is enough!

Candidates running for office need to know unborn babies are important to you. And right now, during election season, they are listening better than ever.

Give them a call and ask them where they stand on protecting all innocent human life at the moment of conception.

You can also find out how they answered our Candidate Survey HERE. I’m using the survey to track what politicians promise to do and compare their campaign rhetoric to how they actually behave once elected.

As we continue to insist and demand nothing less than the complete and total end to the killing of unborn children in Indiana, our voices thunder for our voiceless pre-born neighbors, and politicians in Indiana will have no choice but to listen.

Thank you for speaking up.


Amy Schlichter

P.S. With only three weeks left until the May 8th primary election, Indiana politicians are working hard to earn your support.

Rep. Ben Smaltz, for example, is campaigning as “pro-life,” but he has made statements to the contrary, and he killed bills to end abortion during the legislative session.

Candidates need to know unborn babies are important to you, and election season is when they listen very closely.

Give your candidate a call. Ask them how they intend to end abortion in Indiana and if they support protecting all innocent babies at the moment of conception.

You can find out how they answered the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey HERE.

Also, make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life Petition, letting Indiana leaders know you support Protection at Conception.

After that, I hope you’ll consider chipping in $5 or $10 today to help us fight for unborn babies.

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Paid for by the supporters of Hoosiers for Life, a tax exempt non-profit organization under IRC 501(c)(4) which does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates for election.

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