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"Pro-life" Republicans Dodge Pro-life Survey

Hi Friends!

This week has been full of excitement!

Lots of completed candidate surveys landed on my desk, and I am thrilled! Many candidates pledged to support the Protection at Conception bill next year, and I am blown away by their responses.

Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill is the strongest piece of pro-life legislation ever filed in the state of Indiana--it would eradicate abortion once and for all.

And support for it is growing.

While that is great news, I do have some bad news as well.

The deadline to return our surveys was Friday, and my last trip to the mailbox showed what we were not surprised to find…

No survey from Ben Smaltz.

Yes, “pro-life” Republican, Ben Smaltz, the man who road blocked a bill to end abortion, burying it deep in the recesses of the Public Policy committee underneath mounds of pathetic excuses for why child killing should remain safe and legal in Indiana, REFUSES to answer our questions about his view on abortion.

But Planned Parenthood’s social media poster boy is still running for office on a pro-life platform.

You might think it can’t get any worse than a “pro-life” Republican siding with the abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, but, my friend, I’m sorry to say it does.

If you thought that was bad news, listen to this:

Someone has filed to run against Rep. Curt Nisly, the greatest pro-life hero in the Indiana Statehouse.

Her name is Kimberly Cates and she FAILED to turn in a survey as well.

Her signature shows she signed to receive our survey, so I know she has seen it, but, just like Ben Smaltz, Cates is REFUSING to answer a few pro-life questions.

In an attempt to charm voters in her district, Cates also claims a “pro-life” status.

But, why would any so-called “pro-life” Republican want to run against a proven pro-life hero?

What is Kim Cates hiding?

In refusing to answer our survey, Cates is attempting to take no stand on protecting all innocent human life, but when she stands against a champion like Curt Nisly, she is standing against protecting Hoosier babies at the moment of conception.

Rep. Curt Nisly is known as the most conservative member of the Indiana House of Representatives, and voters all over the state wish they had a legislator like him.

But liberals like Cates target legislators like Nisly. After all, liberals fight to take away your freedom and liberty, while conservatives fight for you to keep it.

With those two surveys missing, I can honestly say I am not shocked or surprised.

Smaltz kills pro-life bills.

Cates challenges the best Rep the state has.

Neither survey was expected to find it’s way into our mailbox.

So, why, then, did I even bother to send it?

Because it’s election season, and for too long, so-called “pro-life” candidates have slithered their way into the capitol with false claims to protect their pre-born neighbors.

Every Republican campaigns as “pro-life.”

After all, they know they must convince conservative voters they are pro-life to have any chance at winning a seat at the Statehouse. But so many promises made in election season stay on the campaign trail and never become reality in the Indiana legislature. Politicians hope you will forget what they’ve promised to do once your vote is cast. That’s why I sent the Hoosiers for Life Candidate Survey to folks running for office – to get them on the record in support of protecting all human life at conception.

And you better believe I will be watching to see if their pro-life walk matches their pro-life talk.

Are you interested in how your legislator responded to our survey?

After that, make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life Petition, letting Indiana leadership know you expect them to protect all Hoosier babies at the moment of conception.

I know you long to see the day where no babies in Indiana die at the hand of an abortionist. That’s why Hoosiers for Life is dedicated to keeping constituents like you informed about the true positions of our elected officials and candidates.

Thank you so much for your support and for loving your pre-born neighbor.


Amy Schlichter

Executive Director

P.S. Candidate surveys have flooded in to Hoosiers for Life headquarters, but Ben Smaltz and Kim Cates are refusing to return their surveys. This comes as no surprise, since Smaltz is Planned Parenthood’s hero and Cates is running against the most conservative, pro-life hero in the Statehouse, Rep. Curt Nisly.

You can find out how your legislator answered our pro-life survey HERE.

Make sure you’ve signed your Protection of Life petition, showing your support for Rep. Curt Nisly’s Protection at Conception bill.

After that, I hope you’ll chip in $5 or $10 to help us in our fight for ALL Hoosier babies.

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